STEM Inclusivity Awards

The UW Bothell School of STEM recognition program includes the following awards. These awards are given annually unless otherwise noted. The selection committee each year is comprised of the previous year’s awardees, who review the submissions and make a recommendation to the Dean. Notifications are made by the Dean’s office.

Inclusive Scholarship Award

This award recognizes faculty whose scholarship extends beyond the traditional STEM realm of the peer-reviewed publication or proceedings to include community engaged and community-driven research. It also includes a range of non-traditional scholarship that has impact in diverse communities or in unique collaborations with industry.

Inclusive Pedagogy Award

This award recognizes faculty whose pedagogy reflects current best practices in teaching and learning. Examples include approaches that acknowledge and incorporate different ways of knowing and learning (e.g., non-Western science), include a diverse authorship in required materials, incorporates indigenized curriculum, emphasizes equity and student success, and/or provides multi-modal pedagogy for differently abled, neurodivergent, and marginalized student populations.

Inclusive Service Award

This award recognizes faculty whose community and/or professional service incorporates outreach or service to diverse, minoritized, or marginalized communities or populations. Service on a particular committee at UWB or the tri-campus is not required.

Staff Inclusivity Award

This award recognizes staff who demonstrate a strong commitment to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive School of STEM, and who help to create a welcoming workplace environment for their staff colleagues as well as students and faculty.

Student Inclusivity Award

This award recognizes a student whose engagement with their peers, faculty, staff, and community members, both in and out of the classroom, reflects a strong commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This may include leadership activities, club or organization activities, capstone projects, or work with faculty or community partners.

Dean’s Appreciation Award

This award is given periodically in recognition of faculty or staff who have made an extraordinary contribution to the School of STEM’s advancement, reputation, or community presence. This awardee is selected by the Dean.

Dean’s Excellence Award

This award is given to a staff or faculty member who has gone above and beyond in supporting the School’s mission, vision, and core values. This awardee is selected by the Dean.