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Socha paper wins prize at software engineering conference

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A paper written by University of Washington Bothell’s David Socha, assistant professor in the School of STEM’s Computing and Software Systems Division, and collaborators has been awarded first prize at a software engineering conference.

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Happy Earth Day: LEED Gold for Discovery Hall

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Just in time for Earth Day, University of Washington Bothell’s Discovery Hall has achieved a LEED Gold rating for its environmental and sustainable features.

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Students present Internet of Things ideas

Internet of Things poster

The two winning teams from the University of Washington Bothell and Microsoft sponsored Internet of Things challenge are concluding their projects with a presentation today, April 14, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Makerspace, Discovery Hall Room 464.

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Student codebreakers recognized

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Two teams of University of Washington Bothell students were recognized in an international codebreaking contest, also known as cryptanalysis of ciphers or secret writing.

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Students developing vision testing for children

Snellen eye chart

CSS faculty joined forces with advocates and elected officials to make Washington the fourth state in the nation to require near-vision screening for school children. Now, CSS students are developing potential near-vision screening tools and therapies to improve affected children’s chances to read, learn and succeed in life.

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UW Bothell students reveal award-winning Internet of Things projects to Microsoft and the community

Two University of Washington Bothell teams that won grants to develop Internet of Things (IoT) applications will present their projects to Microsoft and the community.

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UW Bothell role in new vision screening for children

Snellen eye chart

Routine vision screening for school children will be changing as a result of a new law supported by the community engagement of University of Washington Bothell. It’s not just the “big E” eye chart anymore. Children will be screened for near-vision problems that experts say affect their ability to read, learn and succeed in life.

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Counting crows in the cloud

Software identifies crows in flight in real time.

In the past, researchers counting University of Washington Bothell’s famous crows might take a photo of them in the air and analyze the photo later. A capstone project by electrical engineering students takes counting crows into the cloud for real-time analysis.

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Computer prof's coding grads are in demand

students in a classroom to working environment

When University of Washington Bothell Professor Kelvin Sung recommends one of his programming graduates for a job at a tech company he’s not surprised if the hiring manager later calls and asks, “Do you have any more like that one?”

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Summer Camps Coming to UW Bothell

Three science campers

UW Bothell is to host summer camps for kids. The camps involved are idTech camps and Pacific Science Center camps.

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