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Feeling exhausted after a day of remote learning or work?  You aren’t alone, according to a new study by Dr. Sophie Leroy, who studies interruptions. 

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Child reading a book while her mother is in a video conferencing meeting
Ryan Russell

An easier way to find a vaccine

Computer Science & Software Engineering senior Ryan Russell is one of the volunteers helping take some of the frustration out of locating a COVID-19 vaccination site with the free finding tool at CovidWA.com. Read the story.

Helen Thomas

Books connect Black girls

A fan of young adult fiction, Helen K. Thomas majored in English and then explored the genre in the Master of Arts in Cultural Studies program. Now, she’s researching the global appeal of the books with a Fulbright in Nigeria. Read the story.

David Nixon

Not your average course

The Discovery Core class Music and Philosophy leads to lifelong learning with student testimonies of its impact decades later. The class is designed to help students find passions outside the classroom and to experiment and even fail. Read the story.

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clipart of a globe and two hands, one light skinned, one dark skinned, shaking hands

All staff and faculty who identify with the Asian Diaspora community are invited to a reflection time on Friday, March 5 from 3-4 p.m.

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Help for students

Students may apply for emergency funds through UW Bothell's CARE report form.

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