Mechanical Engineering Admissions

As a completive major, the ME admissions committee reviews each application on its individual merit, and decides on case-by-case basis. The committee’s goal is to admit students that will be successful in the program. In making the decision, the committee reviews the applicant’s overall GPA, checks the applicant’s strength in mathematics and physics, and, equally important, reads the applicant’s personal statement to see if the applicant possesses unique ability or character qualities that would enable him/her to succeed in the program.

How to Apply

The process for admission to the ME degree program proceeds as follows:

Current UW Bothell students should contact the School of STEM with any questions about the internal application.

Application dates

The Mechanical Engineering major admits students for entry in autumn quarter. Admissions deadlines are the same for internal and transfer applicants.

Visit the UW Bothell Application Dates & Deadlines page for information on application deadlines.


Students are eligible to apply to the BSME degree program after completing successfully a specific set of prerequisite courses. A grade of 2.0 or equivalent is required in all courses applied to the BSME degree.

UW Bothell and UW Seattle course equivalents are shown.

  • B WRIT 134 Interdisciplinary Writing
  • STMATH 124 Calculus I (UWS: MATH 124)
  • STMATH 125 Calculus II (UWS: MATH 125)
  • STMATH 126 Calculus III (UWS: MATH 126)
  • STMATH 207 Differential Equations (UWS: MATH 207)
  • STMATH 224 Multivariable Calculus (UWS: MATH 224)
  • B PHYS 121 Physics – Mechanics (UWS: PHYS 121)
  • B PHYS 122 Physics – Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion (UWS: PHYS 122)
  • B CHEM 143/144 General Chemistry I/Lab 1 (UWS: CHEM 142)
  • B ME 221 Statics (UWS: A A 210)
  • B ME 222 Mechanics of Materials (UWS: CEE 220)
  • B ME 223 Dynamics (UWS: ME 230)