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Division of Engineering & Mathematics Faculty

Engineering & Mathematics full-time faculty profiles

Welcome to the faculty directory for the Engineering & Mathematics division. Faculty members from Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Mechanical Engineering are under their corresponding degree. 

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Electrical Engineering Faculty

Hrair AintablianHrair Aintablian

  • Title: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Email: haintab@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-224

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Arnold BergerArnold Berger

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Embedded Systems, Real-Time System Performance and Debugging Methods, Remote Lab Experiments, FPGA Design
  • Email: aberger@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-225 

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Seungkeun ChoiSeungkeun Choi

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Organic Solar Cells; Sensors and Actuators; Microelectromechanical Systems
  • Email: schoi5@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-228

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Tadesse GhirmaiTadesse Ghirmai

  • Title: Associate Professor and Chair
  • Research: Signal Processing; Communications; Bayesian Methods
  • Email: tadg@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-221

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Mahmoud GhofraniMahmoud Ghofrani

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Renewable Energy Systems; Electric Vehicles; Smart Electric Grids
  • Email: mrani@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-227

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Sunwoong "Sunny" Kim, wearing a black shirt with black glasses. Photo by Marc StuderSunwoong "Sunny" Kim

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Research: Hardware Acceleration; Privacy-Preserving Computing
  • Email: sunwoong@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-223

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Lawrence LamLawrence Lam

  • Title: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Research: Medical Devices; Mobile Health Technology; MEMS
  • Email: llam@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-252

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Kaibao NieKaibao Nie

  • Title: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Research: Biomedical Signal Processing; Speech and Audio Processing; Hearing Devices
  • Email: niek@uw.edu
  • Office location: UWBB-224

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Mathematics Faculty

Andrew AbianAndrew Abian

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Email: aabian@uw.edu
  • Office location: UW1-146

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Rejoice AkapameRejoice Akapame

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Research: Mathematics Education; Equity; Mathematical Modeling; Technology use in K-16; Computational Thinking
  • Email: rejoicem@uw.edu
  • Office location: UW1-271N

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Robin AngottiRobin Angotti

  • Title: Professor
  • Research: Mathematics Education; Representations
  • Email: riderr@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-352M

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Alexandre BarchechatAlexandre Barchechat

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Email: bacheca@uw.edu
  • Office location: HH-1319

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Ariana DundonAriana Dundon

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Research: Algebraic Geometry
  • Email: adundon@uw.edu
  • Office location: HH-1432

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Emily GismervigEmily Gismervig

  • Title: Associate Teaching Professor
  • Research: Mathematics Education
  • Email: emilyg27@uw.edu
  • Office location: UW1-149

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Nicole HooverNicole Hoover

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Email: nhoover@uw.edu
  • Office location: UW2-323

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Thomas HumphriesThomas Humphries

  • Title: Assistant Professor
  • Research: Medical Imaging; Optimization; Inverse Problems
  • Email: thumphri@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-352K

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Milagros LoretoMilagros Loreto

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Numerical Optimization; Applied Mathematics
  • Email: mloreto@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-352N

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Casey MannCasey Mann

  • Title: Professor
  • Research: Discrete Geometry, Tilings; Lattice Knots; Self-Assembly
  • Email: cemann@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-352E

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Jennifer McLoud-MannJennifer McLoud-Mann

  • Title: Associate Dean of STEM & Professor 
  • Research: Knot Theory; Tiling Theory; Discrete Geometry
  • Email: jmcloud@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-352A

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Alexandria MusselmanAlexandria Musselman

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Research: Mathematics Education; Student Identity; Gender Studies
  • Email: mussela@uw.edu
  • Office location: HH-1436

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Clark MusselmanClark Musselman

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Research: Mathematical Physics; Applied Analysis; Functional Analysis
  • Email: musselc@uw.edu
  • Office location: HH-1438

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Pietro PaparellaPietro Paparella

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Nonnegative Matrix Theory; Geometry of Polynomials; Discrete Geometry
  • Email: pietrop@uw.edu
  • Office location: DH-452H

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Linda SimonsenLinda Simonsen

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Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Shima AbadiShima Abadi

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Array Signal Processing; Underwater Acoustics; Machine Learning
  • Email: abadi@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-452L

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Bill AndersonBill Anderson

  • Title: Assistant Teaching Professor
  • Email: bigbilla@uw.edu
  • Office location: HH-1432

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John BridgeJohn Bridge

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Research: Synthetic Sports Surfaces; Polymer Degradation; Metamaterials
  • Email: jwbridge@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-452K

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Steven CollinsSteven Collins

  • Title: Associate Professor
  • Email: swcollin@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-452M

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Sharon JonesSharon A. Jones

  • Title: Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor of Engineering and ASEE Fellow
  • Research: Systems-level modeling to advance sustainability, advancing engineering ethics competency, and improving diversity in STEM.
  • Email: uwbvcaa@uw.edu
  • Office location: Beardslee Crossing

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Pierre MouradPierre Mourad

  • Title: Professor
  • Research: Ultrasound and the Brain; AR/VR for Medicine and Education; Project-based Education
  • Email: doumitt@uw.edu
  • Office location: UW2-315

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Elaine ScottElaine Scott

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Wolf YeighWolf Yeigh

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Jong YoonJong Yoon

  • Title: Associate Professor and ME Coordinator
  • Research: Medical Devices; Assistive Technology; Robotics
  • Email: wjyoon@uw.edu
  • Office location: DISC-452J

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