Computer Science & Software Engineering

Graduates from UW Bothell are near the Seattle engineering and technology sector, ready to join the growing workforce of skilled professionals and make an impact at local startups and major employers. Some students discover a deep passion for research and continue their education into Ph.D. programs.

Computer Science & Software Engineering alumni work at various companies and go on to work in many different roles.

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  • Nordstrom
  • Amazon/Amazon Web Services
  • Adobe
  • Google
  • Boeing
  • Microsoft
  • PlayStation Network
  • VISA
  • Expedia Group
  • Tableau
  • Apple
  • T-Mobile
  • S3 Global
  • Turn 10
  • Oracle

Job titles

  • Software Engineering Manager
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Technical Program Manager
  • Professional Services Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Avionics Displays Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Dev Writer
  • Senior Architect

Software Developer and Engineer jobs are projected to grow 25% from 2021-2031, and with average annual salaries of $152,010 in Washington state, students attending school at UW Bothell are in one of the top five highest paying states for these jobs.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Fast facts on graduates

  • 52% of our students attend the program to prepare for new employment
  • 90.3% of graduates are employed upon graduation
  • Majority of graduates received job offers before or within six months of graduation, some others maintained their current employment
  • 88% of our graduate have jobs directly related to their graduate education
  • 45% is the average increase in salary upon graduation
  • Income brackets before and after the program increased: majority of those making less than $49.99k now make between $50-99.99K, $100-159.99K, $160-210K or over $210k.
  • 85% of our graduates highly recommend or recommend UW Bothell

UW master’s graduates are among the top Washington institutions earning the most within the computer and information sciences and support services field of study.

Washington Education Research & Data Center (data is dynamic, can change)

Alumni stories

Hear from graduates about what inspired them to choose the master’s program, their student experience, advice for future students, current job in industry, and how the program prepared and supported their career goals.

Meet Emily Hsu

View Emily’s Q&A

Job: Software development engineer at Amazon

Background: Worked in biotech and then switched careers with the GCSDD at UW Bothell

Advice for future students: Think about your project/thesis as early as possible! Talk to professors and understand their research to help with your final defense.

Meet Aytul Arisoy

View Aytul’s Q&A

Job: Senior Manager at Amazon Web Services

Background: International student wanting to develop professionally after working in industry for 13 years.

Advice for future students: Know what you want from day one and build a course plan around it. Don’t hesitate to use the student services available!

Meet Zachery Brownell

View Zachery’s Q&A

Job: Computer Scientist at Adobe Systems

Background: Was dissatisfied with my current job and wanted to switch from quality engineering to a development role.

Advice for future students: Get to know professors early and understand research areas so you can keep your thesis/project idea in mind as you plan coursework.

$45,400 is the difference a master’s degree makes in median earnings for those who work one year after graduation and go into the information industry (within the computer and information sciences and support services field of study).
Washington Education Research & Data Center (data is dynamic and can change)

#6 Best Master’s Program – 2024 FORTUNE

The University of Washington Bothell Master of Science in Computer Science & Software Engineering is built on three major educational pillars: extraordinary faculty, a premier educational institution, and access to one of the world’s greatest tech regions. View the FORTUNE ranking

This program puts emphasis on research-based graduate education and is designed for full- and part-time students with evening classes to support working professionals. UW Bothell’s proximity to the Seattle tech sector gives our students a unique opportunity to join the local workforce of skilled professionals ready to make an impact in industry.

Professor & CSS Division Chair Michael Stiber

Career resources

STEM graduate students have the support of an in-house STEM graduate career counselor, specialized and dedicated to helping students in these programs find the job of their dreams.

The career counselor, in partnership with the UW Bothell Career Services, works with students throughout their academics and into their professional careers, engages with employers to bring recruitment and professional development to our students, and hosts workshops for students to develop the career resources they need to prepare to apply for jobs.

Learn more about STEM Graduate Career Resources and employer engagement