Room Access

Room Access and Space Reservations

Beyond scheduled lectures and lab sessions, many rooms and spaces on campus can be reserved for events or accessed for research or other work or study related purposes. Read below for more information on STEM access policies and procedures.

General Access Policies

As with scheduled classes, anyone working in a laboratory space must adhere to all room rules and follow appropriate safety precautions at all times. Specific rules can vary from room to room, so before working in any particular space, be sure you are are informed. Each laboratory space has a posted room entry sign detailing the requirements before entering. Room entry signs also list the designated lab coordinator or principle investigator in charge of the space, who can answer any questions you may have about any given space.

Students wishing to access laboratories outside regularly scheduled classes, as well as sponsoring faculty members, should:

  1. Access to STEM labs in Discovery Hall (DISC), UWB Beardslee (UWBB), and UW2 is available for students who have a demonstrated academic need to work in a lab outside of scheduled class time.

Students must be registered for at least one credit during the current quarter.  During break periods, students must be registered for at least one credit the following quarter.

  • 24-hour access is allowed only in limited circumstances.

Acceptable justifications for 24-hour daily access are:

  • Time dependent measurements/data collection that must be done outside of building hours (i.e. measuring growth curves for bacteria cultures)
  • Responding to instrument or experiment shutdowns during power outages
  • Caring for live organisms

Unacceptable justifications for 24-hour daily access are:

  • Desire/preference to work outside of building hours (i.e. prefer to work in the middle of the night.)
  • High volume of work due to poor project management
  • UWB faculty who wish to give students access to STEM teaching and prep labs outside of scheduled class time may do so by sending an email request to the STEM lab manager.

Lab access for classes is granted on a quarterly basis.

The STEM lab manager is the access controller for the STEM teaching and prep labs and has the authority to approve or deny requests.  When the lab manager approves requests, he or she will forward them to Campus Safety.

If the request is for a lab with hazardous materials, students must complete a UW Laboratory Employee Safety Training Checklist.

  • STEM principal investigators (PI’s) who wish to give students access to their research labs may do so by sending an email request to Campus Safety.

Lab access for research with a UWB faculty member is granted on an annual basis.

PI’s are the access controllers for their assigned research labs.

  • Campus Safety will program students’ Husky Cards or UWBB prox cards for access to the building(s) and lab(s) specified in email requests from the STEM lab manager and STEM PI’s.
  • The STEM lab manager will maintain a list of STEM labs and PI’s.

This list will be shared with Campus Safety and updated as needed.

  • Access may be revoked at any time, and misuse or failure to comply with this policy may result in immediate suspension of access privileges.

Access to STEM labs is tracked electronically and is granted for academic use only.  Using the labs as a recreation space and inviting unauthorized people into the lab are prohibited.

Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to Campus Safety at 425-352-5359.

  • Students who have been granted access to STEM labs must carry their Husky Card at all times.

For the security of our students, Campus Safety officers monitor the facility.

Students who are given 24-hour access will be issued building permits.  They must keep these permits on their person while working during non-public hours, or they will be asked to leave the building.

Individuals who have not been given lab access will be asked to leave the building during non-public hours.

Students are responsible for the security of their own cards.  Lending Husky Cards to other people, including other people with authorized lab access, is prohibited.

Campus Safety can provide access to students who have temporarily misplaced their cards, so long as they are authorized for access according to Campus Safety’s records, and so long as the students do not misplace their cards on a regular basis.

  • Students may only work in their approved STEM labs during their approved hours.

Students working outside of their approved labs and hours will be asked to leave building.

  1. For safety, students who are working in the labs after hours are encouraged to do so in pairs or groups whenever possible.
  1. All students working in STEM labs during and after building hours must maintain quiet, refrain from tampering with the work of others, and follow all regulations established for each room and lab.

Lab-specific rules are posted in each lab space.

Students are expected to keep public spaces clean, safe, and workable for themselves and others.

Additional information regarding laboratory policies and procedures can be found on the UW Environmental Health & Safety page.

Depending on the room, access may be granted via a physical key or by prox-card activation. Physical keys take up to two weeks to be made; prox-card access can generally be granted within one week.

General Access Procedures

For Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members can request access for themselves to individual rooms by sending an email to the appropriate access controller, listed for each location below.

Room LocationContact for Access
General Building Access, Discovery HallChristy Cherrier
Cascadia Chemistry LabGlen Gullickson
Cascadia Physics LabSam Shupe
UWBB Biology LabMarci Meyers
Discovery Hall LabsChristy Cherrier
SSG Conservatory + Greenhouse areaCarolyn Brennan

For Students

Students can request access to a teaching lab after receiving approval from a sponsoring faculty member. To submit a request for access, the sponsoring faculty member should email the STEM Lab Manager with the following information:

  • Student name(s)
  • Student email address(s)
  • Course number
  • Room number(s)
  • Access duration

Student access for research labs may be granted directly by the principal invesigator (PI) of the lab. The PI simply needs send an to email the security office with the applicable information listed above.

Special Access Policies & Procedures


Sarah Simonds Green Conservatory Building Access Request

Physical Key Access Procedures

To access rooms which do not have a proxcard reader, you must get a key. Print and fill out a key request form, then turn it into the proper access controller for their signature. They will then send it on to campus safety and finally facilities services to cut the key. You will receive an email once the key is ready. Keys can be picked up from the campus safety office, located in LB2-005.