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Integrated Service Center (ISC)

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Integrated Service Center (ISC)

  • Timesheet Due Dates
  • Classified Workers: All classified workers are required to complete online timesheets in Workday by noon on the 1st and 16th of each month. If you are a new employee and need training on the ISC system, please contact the UWB Workday Support Team.
  • Professional Workers: Professional workers do not submit timesheets, however, must submit all leave requests and record holidays in Workday.
  • Add the ISC website to your favorites for easy access.

Holidays (Calendar, Eligibility, Credit and Use Deadlines)

  • All Classified and Professional Workers: Workday defaults a University holiday as “time worked.” Most workers have the holiday off. For workers that did not work on the holiday, workers need to enter “Holiday Taken Time Off” into Workday on the holiday. (Note: Do not use Holiday Credit Time Off).
  • There are some exceptions:
    1. If you worked on the holiday: Code your time in Workday as regular hours worked. No additional action needed.
    2. If the holiday was already your scheduled day off (you worked your full week’s hours independent of the holiday): No additional action needed. Holiday credit will remain with your leave balances.

Student Employees

Information for Students:

Information for Supervisors:

Foreign Nationals

Foreign Nationals must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) and card prior to beginning employment at the UW, per UW policy. There is a Social Security Administration office near UW Bothell located at 18905 33rd Avenue West, #207, Lynnwood, WA 98036.

Visit the UW Bothell International Student Services’s page on social security numbers.

All Foreign National employees are entered into Glacier – a Nonresident Alien Tax Compliance Software for UW Employees

This is a secure web-based system that enables the foreign national student, staff, or faculty member to track their visa, passport, entry dates, country of residence, country of citizenship, US address, foreign address, Social Security number or ITIN. Based on this information University of Washington is able to know if the individual is eligible for any tax treaties, has passed a substantial presence test, or has become a “tax resident for tax purposes.” When a record is created by the employee, Glacier generates a tax summary page and populates the appropriate tax forms. Examples of these forms are the 8233, W-8Ben, and W-4 federal withholding form.

The respective Payroll Coordinator/Administrator enters the Foreign National employee into Glacier. Glacier will prompt the employee directly to access their account.

Glacier access for employees

As well as the help option contacts inside Glacier, you can contact a Foreign National Specialist.

Tools for Glacier

Resources for Supervisors

Supervisors should use these reports for reviewing employee time and absence requests and timesheets:

Mobile Device Allowance Agreement

The UW Mobile Device Use and Allowance Policy governs the use of, and payment for, mobile device technologies (such as smart phones and tablets) required for business purposes by the University of Washington (UW). Once eligibility has been determined, fill out the following form and submit to UWB Payroll.

Mobile Device Guidelines help you determine the proper allowance.

Mobile Device Allowance Agreement

Your Paycheck

Employees can view a calendar of paydays to determine future pay dates.

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Important Dates

Timesheet Due Dates

Employees can view a calendar of paydays to determine future pay dates.

Understand Holidays and Holiday Eligibility

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