Mathematics Advising

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics is supported by academic advisor Tony Angelella.

Contact Tony at


Prerequisite errors

If you cannot register for a BMATH or STMATH course because of a prerequisite error, contact the math advisor with the following information:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your 7-digit student ID number
  3. The 5-digit SLN (registration code) of the course
  4. The course prefix, number, and section (Example: “STMATH 390 A”). You can find these on the time schedule or through a MyPlan search.
  5. A short description and/or screenshot of the issue preventing your registration

Repeating a course

Registering for a course for a third time after two graded attempts requires a petition and must be discussed with the mathematics advisor.

  • Graded attempts include courses for which you received a numerical grade (4.0-scale), I (incomplete), CR/NC (Credit / No Credit), or S/NS (Satisfactory / Not Satisfactory) on your transcript.
  • Graded attempts do not include courses you dropped (no record on transcript), withdrew from (“RD” on transcript), or not received a grade for (“X” on transcript).

If you cannot register for a BMATH or STMATH course because you have two previous graded attempts, email to set up an appointment with the mathematics advisor.

Closed courses & waitlist

Use the Mathematics Course Waitlist form if the 300 or 400 level STMATH course you want to take is closed. We strongly recommend registering for a backup course while on the waitlist. Filling out this form does not guarantee a seat in a requested course. Registration prioritization is holistic (not first-come, first-serve), and your place on a waitlist may change as other students make requests

There is not a waitlist for 100 or 200 level B MATH or STMATH courses. For these courses, please utilize seat availability notification.  

Waitlist requests will be reviewed on a weekly basis. If a seat becomes available for you, you will be contacted using the preferred email indicated on your form. You will then have 24 hours to respond. If you do not respond, the spot will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. 

The autumn 2024 waitlist will close on September 24th, 2024. On September 25th, all math courses will be opened to their full capacity. This is so that students may add/drop as seats become available through the first week of the quarter. The Late Add Period will begin October 2nd, and faculty permission will be required to join any course.


If you have not been admitted to the Mathematics major:

If you have been admitted to Mathematics:

No availability?

Appointments are only available for scheduling up to two weeks in advance. New appointment times become available each weeknight at midnight. If you don’t see any availability, please try again the next weekday or use one of the following contact options:

  • Contact our front desk at, or call 425-352-3746.
  • Come to a drop-in advising session instead.

Drop-in advising

The Mathematics advisor does not have regular drop-in hours. Please schedule a regular appointment or contact our front desk at

Office hours & contact

Outside of appointments and drop-in hours, you can always contact the School of STEM Undergraduate Academic Services desk if you need help and we’ll do our best to assist.

Visit our contact page for general office hours and contact information.