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CSS Labs

The Computing and Software Systems Program utilizes cutting edge technology and research tools as an integrated part of its curriculum. Enrolled students can access our CSS Windows and Linux Workstations during regular quarters. Lab hours are the same as building hours. Lab access for registered students begins on the first day or the quarter, and ends on the last day. CSS students working with faculty research have the opportunity to access the Embedded Systems and Networking Lab, and the Center for Integrated Teaching, Learning & Scholarship.

About Our Labs

The Computing and Software Systems Program is committed to maintaining laboratories that reflect the best that computer science has to offer. Their design reflects our understanding that they are not merely places to house computers -- they also serve as hubs for collaboration, discussion, seminars, and social activities. From a technical point of view, our laboratories offer a diverse mix of platforms and software that go beyond typical desktop computing. We maintain four computer laboratories:

Advanced Projects Lab (UW1-302)

The Advanced Projects Lab is available to student groups who are actively working on research projects with CSS faculty. It provides teams with a rich collaborative environment which consists of conference table, soft seating, mobile whiteboards, and tables with whiteboard surfaces.

Windows Lab (UW1-310)

Our Windows lab contains 17 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 systems running Windows 10  (including three collaborative software development setups). A full suite of software development software, plus specialized software to support various CSS courses, is available.

Linux Lab (UW1-320)

Our Linux lab has 16 3.4GHz Intel Core i7 desktop machines running CentOS7. As with the Windows lab, a wide range of development tools and more specialized software is installed. The Linux lab also has a small refrigerator and microwave.

CyberSecurity Lab (UW1-321a)

The CyberSecurity lab contains an array of dual boot Windows / Kali Linux machines available to support CyberSecurity courses and research. Networking isolation tools and VM hosts allow for adaptable lab configurations and a safe testing environment. The lab is also utilized by the UWB chapter of OWASP and the Gray Hats CyberSecurity club.

Embedded Systems Lab (UW1-321b)

Our Embedded Systems Lab is a teaching lab consisting of 12 stations that include a wide range of systems testing and build tools. Each station also has a Dell Optiplex 9020 workstation running a 3.4GHz i7 proc and 16GB of RAM. A suite of software tools rounds out the lab and provides for an exciting opportunity to explore developing systems.

Lab Support

To report concerns with the labs or for general inquiries about the labs please contact the STEM Liaisons at

For general information about the CSS labs including software specific instructions and howto's please visit the UWB CSS Wiki site.

Issues Accessing Our Labs?

Visit our Lab Access page for options.