Prerequisites guide

Admission requirements

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Software Design & Development (GCSDD) requires completion of the following prerequisites:

  • Computer programming 1 & computer programming 2 (or equivalent coursework and/or in-depth work experience)
  • College level calculus
  • A regionally accredited bachelor’s degree (or equivalent international degree) with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last two years of study
  • English language proficiency

Course equivalencies

Equivalent prerequisite courses may be taken at Washington state community and technical colleges, or as an undergraduate non-matriculated student at UW Bothell. For local community and technical college course equivalencies use the UW Seattle equivalencies listed in the table and refer to the UW Equivalency Guide. UW Bothell equivalent courses are linked in the table.

For other schools not listed on the UW Equivalency Guide, email our office a week-by-week syllabus for review to determine if the course is equivalent.

Required prerequisite course equivalencies at UW Seattle and UW Bothell

Prerequisite CourseUW Seattle EquivalencyUW Bothell Equivalency
Computer Programming 1CSE 122 (previously CSE 142)CSS 142
Computer Programming 2CSE 123 (previously CSE 143)CSS 143
College Level CalculusMATH 124STMATH 124
Note: A minimum grade of 2.0 is required for prerequisite courses.
SchoolCSS 142CSS 143
Bellevue CollegeCS 210CS 211
Cascadia CollegeIT-CS 142, was BIT 142IT-CS 143, was BIT 143
Edmonds Community CollegeCS& 131, CS 132 (three quarter C++ series)CS 133 (three quarter C++ series)
Edmonds Community CollegeCS& 141 (Java)CS 143 (Java)
Everett Community CollegeCS& 141CS 143
Green River CollegeCS& 141CS 145
Highline CollegeC SCI 142C SCI 143
Lake Washington Institute of TechnologySyllabus needed for reviewSyllabus needed for review
North Seattle CollegeCSC 142CSC 143
Olympic CollegeCS& 141CS 143
Renton Technical CollegeSyllabus needed for reviewSyllabus needed for review
Seattle Central CollegeCSC 142CSC 143
Shoreline Community CollegeCS& 141CS 143
Skagit Valley CollegeCS 142CS 143
South Seattle CollegeCSC 142CSC 143
Whatcom Community CollegeCS 140CS 145

This equivalency guide is subject to change. Please refer to the UW Equivalency Guide for verification.