Division of Biological Sciences Faculty

Biological Sciences full-time faculty profiles

Welcome to the faculty directory for the Biological Sciences division. Use the links below to learn more about each faculty member's educational background, areas of focus in instruction and research, and contact information. 

Part-time Biology Faculty Members (Autumn 2022)

  • Dana Campbell (BBIO 180 labs) – danalc@uw.edu
  • Ian Gillis (BBIO 375: Molecular Biology) – iang@uw.edu
  • Janet Best Meredith (BBIO 310: Brain and Behavior) – jkbester@uw.edu
  • Susan McNabb (BBIO 233: Cancer Biology, Risk, and Treatment) – smcnabb@uw.edu
  • Zareen Narayanan (BBIO 370: Microbiology labs) – zareen@uw.edu
  • Keya Sen (BBIO 499: Undergraduate Research in Biology) – ksen@uw.edu