Prerequisites guide

Admissions requirements

Admission to the Graduate Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations has required prerequisites and strongly recommended courses:


  • A regionally accredited bachelor’s degree in a STEM (or related) field with a minimum 3.0 GPA in the last two years of degree study
  • English language proficiency
  • A full year of Calculus
  • Engineering Calculus-based Physics 1 (Mechanics) and 2 (Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion)

Strongly recommended

  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Differential Equations
  • Matrix or Linear Algebra


  • General Chemistry 1 (with lab)

Students do not need to complete any of the strongly recommended or recommended courses in order to be eligible for admission.

Course equivalencies

Equivalent prerequisite courses may be taken at Washington state community and technical colleges, or as an undergraduate non-matriculated student at UW Bothell. For local community and technical college course equivalencies use the UW Seattle equivalencies listed in the table and refer to the UW Equivalency Guide. UW Bothell equivalent courses are linked in the table.

For other schools not listed on the UW Equivalency Guide, email our office a week-by-week syllabus for review to determine if the course is equivalent.

Required prerequisites

Required prerequisite course equivalencies at UW Seattle and UW Bothell

Prerequisite CourseUW Seattle EquivalencyUW Bothell Equivalency
Full year of CalculusMATH 124, MATH 125 and
MATH 126
STMATH 124, STMATH 125 and
Engineering Calculus-based Physics 1 (Mechanics)PHYS 121B PHYS 121
Engineering Calculus-based Physics 2 (Electromagnetism and Oscillatory Motion)PHYS 122B PHYS 122

Recommended prerequisites

Recommended prerequisite course equivalencies at UW Seattle and UW Bothell

Prerequisite Course UW Seattle EquivalencyUW Bothell Equivalency
Multivariable Calculus MATH 224 (previously MATH 324) STMATH 224 (previously STMATH 324)
Differential Equations MATH 207 (previously MATH 307) STMATH 207 (previously STMATH 307)
Matrix or Linear Algebra MATH 208 (previously MATH 308) STMATH 208 (previously STMATH 308)
General Chemistry (with lab) CHEM 142 B CHEM 143 and B CHEM 144

For those with in-depth work experience AND who feel very comfortable with the material covered in all of the prerequisite courses may request an exception. If you would like us to review if your work experience is equivalent to the required prerequisites email our office a copy of your transcript and resume.