Center for Biotechnology Innovation & Training

With industry and federal support as part of the 2022 omnibus appropriations bill, the University of Washington Bothell has launched its latest initiative, housed in the School of STEM: the Center for Biotechnology Innovation & Training.

The new research and education center is poised to

  • provide a trained, skilled workforce to support the growing biotechnology industry in Bothell and the greater Puget Sound region;
  • facilitate cutting edge biotechnology research for faculty and students in collaboration with industry; and
  • work with a variety of public and private partners to foster new opportunities in the biotech field nationally.

CBIT plans to convene a core of UW Bothell faculty who have expertise in multiple areas of biotechnology, including chemistry, biology, bioengineering, physics, computer science, health studies, environmental sciences, business and regulatory affairs, and policy studies. Together, these faculty are focused on helping to support public health and solve regional, national, and global problems.

CBIT launch priorities

Among its first priorities, the Center for Biotechnology Innovation & Training will:

  • develop biotechnology curriculum built on lab-based skills and focused on the knowledge required for employment in the biotech industry;
  • provide a space for talent development and collaborative research for students and faculty;
  • address emerging needs of the biotech industry in medicine, public health, disease outbreak prevention and preparedness, environmental impacts and business development.

This investment in workforce training will provide new opportunities for biotech companies to work directly with UW Bothell on both new talent development and acquisition and current employee growth and placement.

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CBIT Director, Dr. Guy Hamilton: