Computer Engineering Capstone

Engineering students have the opportunity to work with a group to develop and prototype a project. There is a list of available topics that you choose from, although there are times where students are able to utilize their connections with industry to create their own topic (with approval from the capstone coordinator).

The capstone series (BENGR 494, BCE 495 and BCE 496) is three-quarters long, and must be taken consecutive quarters. Students typically complete capstone during the final three quarters of their degree program. Groups are assigned an industry sponsor and a faculty mentor that they work with in parts 2 and 3 of the capstone.

  • Capstone must be taken in consecutive quarters, and are offered in two sequences:
    • Autumn/Winter/Spring; or
    • Winter/Spring/Summer
  • The Computer Engineering Capstone is different from the CSSE capstone. Computer Engineering students work with mechanical, electrical or other computer engineering students.
  • Plan to attend a Capstone Symposium early on to see the capstone projects of other STEM students. They always occur on Friday of finals week each quarter. Capstone teams share a poster presentation and present to faculty/industry sponsors/students/the public about their project.

How to get registered for capstone:

  1. Meet with your Academic Advisor
    • Talk with your academic advisor to determine when is the best quarter to begin capstone.
    • Ensure you are on track to meet the prerequisites for capstone. They can be found in the course descriptions for BENGR 494 and BCE 495 / BCE 496.
  2. Register for BENGR 494
    • After meeting with your advisor, you will be given instructions on how to register for BENGR 494.