Computer Engineering Curriculum

For a more visual version of the information on this page, download the Computer Engineering degree checklist.

All prerequisite courses and major requirements require a minimum grade of 2.0 or higher.

  1. Course descriptions
  2. General education requirements
  3. Entry prerequisites
  4. Core requirements
  5. Elective requirements
  6. Petitions

Course descriptions

Follow the links below to read about the content covered in each course:

General education requirements

All UW students must complete a common set of general education requirements. As a Computer Engineering major, you will be on track for completing the English Composition (C), some Additional Writing (W), Natural Science (NSc), and Reasoning (R), but make sure to plan for completion of the following:

  1. Additional Writing (W) – 5 credits
    • BWRIT 135 (Research Writing) or similar recommended
  2. Diversity (DIV) – 5 credits
    • Almost always also fulfills A&H or SSc
    • Only 3 credits prior if admitted prior to autumn 2023
  3. Arts & Humanities (A&H) – 15 credits
    • Cannot overlap with SSc
  4. Social Sciences (SSc) – 15 credits
    • Cannot overlap with A&H

Entry prerequisites

Visit our Admissions page for information on prerequisite coursework.

Core requirements

Math and Chemistry (26 credits)

These courses can be taken before or after entry into the major.

Computer Science (30 credits)

Electrical Engineering (30 credits)

Computer Engineering Capstone (10 credits)

Elective requirements

You must complete ten (10) credits (usually two courses) of “CSS” or “BEE” elective coursework. Of these 10 credits:

  • Elective courses must have either the CSS or BEE prefix
  • At least 5 elective credits must be 400-level
  • The remaining 5 elective credits must be 300-level or higher
  • Maximum of 5 credits combined can be CSS or BEE “Special Topics” courses
  • Maximum of 5 credits combined can be CSS or BEE Independent Study (498) or Undergrad Research (499)


Computer Engineering-related courses that are not included on the core or elective requirements lists are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a syllabus, letter from the instructor, or other detailed description for the class you wish to use as an elective, you may submit a petition to request for the course to count.