About the School of STEM

School of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics was approved by the University of Washington Board of Regents in 2013 in response to the need for a greater number of STEM graduates to meet the demands of industry in Washington state. UW Bothell combines all of the STEM fields in one academic area, allowing for cross-disciplinary training and project work. The school offers seven undergraduate degrees and two graduate degrees. Students in the School of STEM enjoy small class sizes, hands-on learning and research opportunities and professors who are accessible and responsive.

STEM Programs at UW Bothell

Applied Computing (BA)
Biology (BS)
Climate Science & Policy (BS)
Computer Science and Software Engineering (BS and MS)
Cyber Security Engineering
(MS – begins fall 2013)
Electrical Engineering (BSEE) Interactive Media Design (BA) Mathematics (BS – begins fall 2013)

Coming Soon:
Chemistry (BS)
(expected fall 2014)
Computer Engineering (BS)
(expected winter 2014)
Mechanical Engineering (BS)
(expected fall 2014)

Providing Access to STEM Education

The School of STEM is committed to providing access to students from diverse backgrounds and underrepresented populations

40% of STEM students at UW Bothell are from diverse backgrounds.

26% of UW Bothell STEM students are female. (*Women constitute fewer than 20 percent of all graduates in engineering and computer science.)

260 students completed industry internships between 2007 and 2012.



School of STEM by the Numbers

2nd UW Bothell ranks second in the state of Washington in terms of the annual number of bachelor of science graduates in computer science.

629 full-Time Equivalent (FTE) students enrolled in STEM disciplines, including biology, computer science and software engineering, and electrical engineering.

294 FTEs in computer science and software engineering.

1,052 Total graduates from the STEM disciplines (since 2009).

$2.6 million Amount of research funding from the national Science foundation (fy 2011-current) for STEM- related projects.