Lawrence Lam, Associate Teaching Professor

Lawrence Lam, Ph.D.

Lawrence Lam, Ph.D.
Associate Teaching Professor

Dr. Lam graduated from UT Austin, UW Seattle with BSEE, MSEE and PhD. He had further training in biomedical engineering from UW Seattle and postdoc research in material science from Cornell University. He was a R&D member of the National Semiconductor Corp working in process integration to develop world's first BiCMOS SRAM for Cray Supercomputer. He also worked in the Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Ching Tang's team to develop OLED display. He holds 2 US patents and is a senior IEEE member.

Dr. Lam has more than twelve years of teaching experience and was the chair of an ABET accredited Biomedical Engineering Technology program.


His expertise is in device integration, MEMS, sensors and optoelectronics. His current research interest is in human machine interface, biomedical sensors, MEMS and remote labs.


University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

University of Washington
Seattle, WA