School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

School Office

Location: UWBB 210
Box 358538


Dr. Elaine Scott, Dean and Professor

Christine L. Howard, Administrator


Biological Sciences, Engineering & Mathematics, Physical Sciences

Majors: Biology (BS); Climate Science & Policy (BS); Electrical Engineering (BSEE); Mathematics (BS)

Sharon Meriwether, Academic Advisor

Location: UWBB-210

To make an advising appointment, please call the STEM Office at 425-352-3746 or send an e-mail to

Computing and Software Systems

Majors: Applied Computing (BA); Computer Science and Software Engineering (BS and MS); Cyber Security Engineering(MS); Interactive Media Design (BS)

Tina Wong, Counseling Services Coordinator (Undergraduates)

Megan Jewell, Counseling Services Coordinator (Graduates)

Location: UW1-360

To make an advising appointment, please call the CSS Office at 425-352-5279 or email the advisor directly.

Did You Know?

UW Bothell ranks second in the state of Washington in terms of bachelor of science graduates in computer science.