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Bernadette Pajer

Bernadette Pajer
Culture, Literature and the 
Arts '03

Bernadette Pajer is a mystery writer whose most recent title, A Spark of Death, is set in 1901 at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Learn more about Bernadette Pajer and her latest book, Culture, Literature and the 
Arts '03

Cindy Burke

Cindy Burke
Business '98
Author and Learning Consultant

Cindy Burke is a Seattle-based author whose experiences as a business student at UW Bothell helped shape her journalistic approach to writing.

Learn more about Cindy Burke and her latest book, To Buy or Not to Buy Organic.

Mahnaz Javid

Mahnaz Javid
Master of Education '95
Avenade, a global IT consulting firm
Vice President of Global Learning & Development

Mahnaz started her educational journey at 15 when her parents sent her from Iran to the United States to receive the best education possible.

Learn More about Mahnaz Javid

Allan Ortiz

Allan Ortiz
Computing and Software Systems '09
Physiosonics Inc

Allan became interested in UW Bothell while working on a research paper at his community college.

Learn More about Allan Ortiz

Eric J. Helzer

Eric J. Helzer
MBA ’06
Apex Wine Cellars
Division Manager

Eric J. Helzer's great experience at UW Bothell helped him shape the course of his life.

Learn More about Eric J. Helzer

Brittany Beck

Brittany Beck
Business Administration '07
Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce
Director of Operations

Brittany Beck (Business '07), the new Director of Operations for the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce, never dreamed that she would end up in a Chamber of Commerce.

Learn More about Brittany Beck

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