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UWB Club Fair: Virtual!

Check out our UWB Club Fair: Virtual happening now on Instagram @uwbclubfair!

Clubs are an excellent way to start or continue your engagement on campus! We will continue to post through Thursday to showcase campus clubs. Head to the highlights section to find the different clubs in each category, or scroll the feed to find a club that is interesting to you. Comment on the post and the club will be notified and be able to respond back.

Wednesday and Thursday we're going live on Instagram!

5 - 6:30 pm clubs will be joining us live to chat with YOU. So join us to ask questions, hear more about the group, and interact with clubs in real time! Check out the schedule to know when to find the club you want to connect with! (Unfortunately, due to scheduling, not all clubs will be able to join us live.)

Mission Statement 

Clubs established on campus benefit students academically and socially, as well as improve our already vibrant community. The Club Council is composed of passionate and dedicated student leaders who are committed to serving clubs and building community at UW Bothell. These student leaders support club members, empower students, and maximize student voice in decision‐making.

The Club Council handles recognition, training, and funding for clubs, as well provides constant support for club success. Club Council meetings will be held on a regular basis. In most cases, clubs submitting funding requests must present to the Club Council for approval. Violations of disciplinary or financial guidelines may also be heard by the Club Council. Please contact Club Council for any and all questions regarding clubs and student organizations at UW Bothell.


Phone: 425-352-3693

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