Campus Safety

Key and Card Access

Card Access Administration

The UW Bothell and Cascadia College campus utilizes an access card operating system to control entry into all operational buildings, most computer labs and some classrooms. The system is administered by Campus Safety. If you require an access card or need to have your access updated please contact your department’s Access Controller or Building Coordinator, who will then forward the request via email to To locate your Access Controller/Building Coordinator please click here.

Key Administration

All key requests must go through the Access Controller/Building Coordinator for your department, who will forward to Campus Safety, who will then forward to Facilities. Please fill out the Key/Prox request form and have your Access Controller/Building Coordinator sign it.

Campus Safety will advise you when the key is ready for pickup. The requestor (whom the key is for) will need to sign for the key at the Campus Safety office, LB2 005.

Once issued, the key becomes the responsibility of the key holder, and must be turned back in to Campus Safety at the completion of the key holder's employment.

The Campus Safety Office is responsible for issuing keys and access cards to buildings and offices at all UW Bothell, UWBB, and UWBX facilities. Once we contact you that the key/card is ready for pickup you must bring your UW Bothell picture ID to our office before we can give you your key/card. Once you show ID we will have you sign for your key/card and we will then issue it to you.

Campus Safety
Box 358570
18325 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011-1713
Contact: Dispatch: 425-352-5359

Keys/access cards must be returned to the Campus Safety Office when an individual leaves a department or leaves UW Bothell employment altogether. If a faculty or staff member neglects to turn in keys upon leaving UW Bothell employment, his/her final paycheck may be held until the keys are received in the Campus Safety Office.

Keys/access cards to the university facilities may not be duplicated, loaned to other UW Bothell employees, or loaned to non-employees.

Lost Keys and Access Cards

Lost keys and cards must be reported to Campus Safety promptly. If re-keying is necessary because of loss, the labor and materials costs will be recharged to the department budget by Facilities Services.