Student Experience

Student Experience


Revelations through research, Mary Gates Research Scholars

Undergraduate students Natalie Gonzales (left in photo) and Kira Lemke received Mary Gates Research Scholarships during winter quarter 2021. Natalie is a junior sponsored by CSS Professor Dr. Michael Stiber. Natalie will be investigating how spike timing dependent plasticity, which is a mechanism thought to underly learning in nervous systems, changes the behaviors of networks during development. Reach about the inspiration behind their research and the impact their discoveries could make in the UW Bothell news story.

Husky 100 awardee Keziah May is solving problems with software

Keziah May, a recent bachelor's in Computer Science and Software Engineering graduate from the University of Washington Bothell, uses her skills as a software engineer to solve real-world problems — virtually. Read the story on Keziah in UW Bothell news.