CSS supports women in computing at Grace Hopper Conference

UW Bothell CSS division booth at Grace HopperUniversity of Washington Bothell CSS students, faculty, and staff traveled to Houston, Texas to attend the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference this past September. The conference brought together 20,000 people from across the world for a three-day event that aims to motivate, inspire and empower women in STEM.

Conference attendees had the opportunity to listen to an incredible line up of influential speakers who shared stories of their journey and lessons they’ve learned that shaped them into successful women they are today. Among the speakers were Dr. Debbie G. Senesky, an assistant professor at Stanford University in Aeronautics and Astronautics departments, Gwynne Shotwell, president and COO of SpaceX and Jessica O. Matthews, Founder, and CEO of Uncharted Power. Attendees were also able to take part in exhibits that promoted technology or further education opportunity, technical workshops that provide hands-on training, and participate in a career fair with top companies such as Apple, Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

The Grace Hopper Conference promotes a community for women to network with other like-minded individuals who come from diverse backgrounds but share a similar experience. CSS graduate student, Kaitlyn who attended this year’s conference said, “as a woman in the computing profession, it is common to be the only women in a room full of men, and at GHC18, it was comforting to see that many of the women attendees share this same experience. It was remarkable to see tens of thousands of women in computing, together in the same room from all over the world. One thing I took away from GH18 is that we need to support each other and persevere together to ensure our presence only gets strong in the world of tech.”

University of Washington Bothell Computing & Software Systems is a proud sponsor of Grace Hopper 2018. 

ACM club plans for the academic year

""The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) student chapter at the University of Washington Bothell is the largest STEM-oriented academic club on campus. With over 75 events planned for this academic year in collaboration with tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Expedia, AT&T, and T-Mobile, the club’s mission is to prepare UW Bothell’s students for the tech industry. Some event topics include: GitHub, Python, IoT, Linux, Mock Interviews, Tech Panels, Professional Development and Hackathons. Their past Spring Hackathon saw over 100 student participants, and this year they plan to involve even more. Visit ACM's website to learn more.

Gray Hats club ends 2018 with I Hack U and cyber defense competition 

Student lock picks cuffs at the I Hack U eventThe focus of the Gray Hats for autumn 2018 was to introduce new people to cybersecurity. To do this the club has had weekly workshops/talks to introduce the fundamentals of cybersecurity. This included web security, network security, operating system security, malware reverse engineering and cryptography. In addition to the weekly meetings, the Gray Hats co-sponsored an election security event which addressed the security of local and nationwide election infrastructure, where Senator Susan Delbene presented. Another notable highlight was the I Hack U event, which boasted an attendance of 100+ students who did locking picking or competed in a cybersecurity competition. At the end of 2018, six members traveled to Eastern Washington to compete at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in a Cyber defense competition. If individuals are interested in joining the club, the best way is to visit their website to join their mailing list and stayed tuned for upcoming events!