Rene Gomez, STEM/CSS IT Liaison


Rene assists faculty in developing hands-on lab exercises, and designs and deploys custom apparatuses for student labs. This includes understanding course software and hardware needs and insuring that such software and hardware is installed and configured so that it supports the CSS educational mission. Rene also Identifies departmental needs, performs technical analyses, and creates and supports development environments (e.g. test, demo, production) for CSS.


Rene started working for the UW in 2015 at the School of Social Work with SDRG. His main responsibilities were to manage their network architecture, system virtualization, security, and day to day operations of 100+ workstations. In his free time, he enjoys cycling during the summer and traveling to warmer places during the winter. His favorite place to visit is San Diego to see his family.

Job responsibilities

  • Assist in the establishment of standards, policies, and procedures
  • Conduct trend analyses; set up automatic monitoring tools; review systems logs and messages, investigate performance problems; make recommendations for system enhancements
  • Manage and maintain CSS IT wiki including instructional articles for using the labs and inventory of lab assets
  • Write, maintain, evaluate and update user manuals, system support manuals, disaster recovery plan and other types of documentation
  • Manage, track, and document CSS computing infrastructure assets Set up and support Cloud Systems, including managing access and cloud-based labs
  • Maintain awareness of ongoing and planned faculty research