Instrumentation & Equipment

The UW Bothell campus has a variety of instruments available for class and research use. Below are lists of equipment divided into their appropriate curricular areas, as well as a full list of all equipment, sorted alphabetically by name.  Note that these lists are for major scientific instruments and equipment.  If you need something less substantial for class or research use, please refer to your appropriate lab coordinator.

Equipment Use and Checkout Process

Once you've identified your needs, reserving instrumentation and equipment is an easy 2 step process.  First, register an account with WConline.   Then contact the appropriate lab coordinator, who can give you further information such as training, safety precautions, and give you correct permissions to access instruments you are approved to use.  Once access to the system is granted, you can reserve time via our WConline system below:

Reserve Instruments for Use

Repair, calibration and maintenance

Sometimes equipment needs a tune-up, misbehaves, or stops working altogether. When this happens, contact your lab coordinator to address the issue.