Spring 2018 Career Corner

Tech treks to companies grow in popularity

This academic year UW Bothell students had the opportunity to visit a number of tech and engineering companies throughout the region, courtesy of the STEM Graduate Office. These events have grown in popularity and frequently fill up within hours opening registration. Career treks, as they are known nationally, have grown in incredible popularity over the last 5-7 years in college career services offices. A growing number of career services offices have added treks into the portfolio of career events that are planned throughout the academic year, some travelling across country to give students the opportunity to connect with employers that aren’t local.

This year has included a tech trek each quarter of the academic year, with visits to seven companies total. During the autumn quarter students visited three companies in Seattle, including Tableau Software, Tyemill, and Hulu. In the winter quarter, a Women in Engineering trek was organized specifically for women engineers to visit Astronics AES in Kirkland and SAP Concur in Bellevue. In early May, students had the chance to visit T-Mobile and Coalfire in Bellevue.

Career trek group at T-Mobile headquarters

Treks provide our students the opportunity to learn about software development and engineering opportunities. Students received office tours, presentations about the company and its products, participated in Q&A with staff/alumni panels, and networked with staff.

More treks are planned for the 2018-2019 academic year. If alumni in industry are interested in their employer being a host of a future trek, please get in touch with me so we can discuss the logistics.

Timely Tip

Don’t have an internship lined up for summer? It’s not too late! April had the second most number of internships posted in HuskyJobs with fewer student logins than other months. Employers are still posting! Keep your head up and be positive! It’s important that you diversify your search strategy. Let all your contacts know you are searching, and actively seek referrals. Attend any remaining information sessions and employer events, but look to regional fairs, Meetups, and what’s happening regionally on the Seattle Networking Guide. Reach out directly to smaller companies and pitch them on a proposal stating how you could benefit them. Search online using HuskyJobs, departmental websites or listservs, LinkedIn, employer websites, and using keyword searches. Meet with a career advisor to brainstorm effective strategies for your specific situation. At the end of the day, remember that the only way to know what’s possible is by putting yourself out there.