Milagros Loreto, Associate Professor

Milagros Loreto

Milagros Loreto, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Dr. Loreto holds a PhD in Computer Science, MS. in Mathematics and a BS in Applied Mathematics. Since 2014, Dr. Loreto works as Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at UWB. She teaches courses from basic math to optimization electives. Additionally, she mentors undergraduate students in optimization research projects.

Before joining UWB she worked as Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Mathematics at the Florida Memorial University (FMU). Where she received awards such as: Scholar of the Year 2012, and Teacher of the Year 2013 for the Division of Computer Science and Mathematics. Dr. Loreto teaching and research experience started at the Universidad Central de Venezuela, where she held a position of Aggregate Exclusive Dedication Professor before deciding to move to United States of America.


Her research interest is mainly applied mathematics focused on numerical optimization, non-linear optimization, non-smooth and smooth optimization. She has also worked on interesting applications in biology, in particular during her research as post-doctoral fellow at Duke University.


Simon Bolivar University
Caracas, Venezuela

  • Ph.D. Computer Science
  • M.S. Mathematics
  • B.S. Mathematics