William Erdly, Associate Professor

Dr. Erdly is a graduate of the University of Washington where he received his Ph.D. in social/organizational psychology. He has held significant leadership positions in a variety of industry and government technology organizations – and continues his involvement in entrepreneurship and software innovation. This on-going experience serves as a baseline for his research interests in social computing/analytics, human-computer interaction, game design/mechanics, wide area network (WAN) design, computer science research methods, health care informatics and software engineering/project management. He was the founding Director of the CSS program, and currently serves as the Director of the newly launched Interactive Media Design (IMD) degree.

Dr. Erdly’s research involves developing methods to assess near-vision problems in children, and vision therapy games to assist in training the eyes and cognitive processes. The development of multiple systems and games (GWAPs—or “Games with a Purpose”) is a way to assess, share, and aid diagnosis of vision problems in children. He also developed a project partnership with tribal communities to build a semantic web application to link cultural learning objects (CLOs) to current STEM-related curricula. This research focuses on creating digital rights management (DRM) protocols for sharing tribe-specific CLOs, building cloud-based architecture to extract/annotate content from a variety of multi-media sources into a shared repository; analysis of CLOs are used to evaluate the impacts on student learning outcomes.