Afra Mashhadi, Assistant Professor

Dr. Mashhadi is a researcher, educator and an advocate for ethics and diversity in Computing. She is an Assistant Professor of CSS at University of Washington (Bothell). She is also part of the steering committee of newly established Responsible AI Systems and Experiences Centre at University of Washington and an adjunct in information School. Dr Mashhadi is also an affiliate of e-Science institute and Center for Studies in Demography and Ecology (CSDE). Her research focuses on computational behavioral modelling and ethical AI. She is interested in developing mathematical and computational models that leverage the proliferation of digital data and breakthroughs in machine learning to (1) understand societies and social phenomena at different spatial scales (2) model social dynamics of human behavior. Results of her research have been published in top-tier conferences (WSDM, CHI, CSCW, Ubicomp, ICWSM) and journals, and trialed as part of multiple deployments in European projects and private entities such as WebSummit. Her most recent professional activities include acting as Program Chair for ICWSM 2021, SocInfo 2019, Tutorial Chair for IC2S2 and Broadening Participation Chair for ACM Ubicomp 2023 as well as serving as senior committee member for numerous conferences including FaccT, CHI, WebSci, and ICWSM.


Ubiquitous Computing, Fairness and Privacy of AI Models


University College London
London, England

  • Ph.D. in Mobile Computing (Computer Science)




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