Afra Mashhadi, Assistant Professor

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Afra Mashhadi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Mashhadi is a research scientist in the domain of Ubiquitous Computing. She is interested in developing mathematical and computational models that leverage the proliferation of sensors and breakthroughs in machine learning to (1) understand societies and social phenomena at different spatial scales (2) model social dynamics of human behavior. More specifically her research focus is on sensing, modeling, understanding and predicting human behavior using the ‘digital traces’ that are generated daily in our online and offline lives. Results of Dr. Mashhadi's research have been published in top-tier conferences (WSDM, CHI, CSCW, Ubicomp, ICWSM) and journals, and trialled as part of multiple deployments in European projects and private entities such as WebSummit.


Ubiquitous Computing, Applied Machine Learning, Crowd-sensing


University College London
London, England
  • Ph.D. in Mobile Computing (Computer Science)