Janet McDaniel, STEM Capstone Coordinator

Janet McDaniel

Janet McDaniel
STEM Capstone Coordinator

Janet McDaniel is the Undergraduate Program and Capstone Coordinator for the School of Stem and facilitates Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Computer Science & Software Engineering capstone projects. She meets with Undergraduate Engineering students to help them prepare & search for internships/jobs in the STEM industry. She works with community partners to facilitate student internship placements.


Eastern Washington University, Cheney, Washington
B.A. Home Economics with an emphasis in Business Administration

Janet began working for University of Washington Bothell in 1994. She was hired permanently in 1996 as an Office Assistant III in the Business Program. In May 2000, she joined the Computing & Software Systems staff as the Program & Internship Coordinator. In 2014 Janet joined the School of Stem as the Undergraduate Program and Capstone Coordinator. 

Job responsibilities

  • Facilitate Undergraduate STEM capstones
  • UWB STEM Student Hires (student assistants, graders, undergraduate researchers, undergraduate teaching assistants, peer mentors, lab technicians & lab assistants)



DISC 352-V



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