CyberSecurity Lab

The CyberSecurity lab is located in UW1-321a and is available to support CyberSecurity courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level. In addition the lab provides a meeting and learning space for the UW Bothell chapter of OWASP and the Gray Hats CyberSecurity Club.

The lab consists of 9 Dell Optiplex 9020 towers (i7-4770k proc, 16GB of RAM, 500GB hybrid SSHD) configured in a dual monitor workstation. Each workstation is able to dual boot between Windows 7 and Kali Linux and be configured into an isolated network for testing and education purposes.

There is also one machine housed in an 'e-podium', along with a variety of audio/visual equipment, and connected to a ceiling mounted projector. The e-podium is used for seminars, tutorials, demonstrations, and group design reviews.

Getting Help

  • For equipment support and questions please send an email to