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Rehabilitation Reimagined

October 21, 2022
Dr. Pierre Mourad, professor in the University of Washington Bothell’s School of STEM, is working with colleagues to reimagine what is possible for stroke rehabilitation. Link to story

Class of 2022 ME Capstone Day, June 10, 2022

September 30, 2022

Congratulations ME students for all your accomplishments! The ME program at UW Bothell is honoring the hard work and perseverance of our students, who have conducted their amazing projects back in-person! You can find their project list here.

“Greetings to all of our graduating students, faculty, and industry partners!

Today we celebrate the achievements of our students, the importance of student-faculty relationships for project-based experiential learning, and the wonderful opportunities provided by our industry partners for our students. STEM students graduate with a resume, not just a diploma, because of the opportunity to partner with faculty research and industry projects. The past two years have brought extraordinary challenges. You’ve all risen to those challenges and demonstrated incredible grit, grace, and resilience that make today even more special.

Congratulations to our students and thank you to our faculty and sponsors!”— Dr. Leslie Cornick, Dean

UW Bothell M.E. Shop Has New Signage! + Mechanical Engineers: The OG ‘Makers’

September 29, 2022

The UW Bothell STEM Team unveiled a new, custom-made sign for the UW Bothell M.E. Shop. The sign, manufactured by Assistant Teaching Professor Bill Anderson (CAPT Anderson as the students know him), was presented to the department and mounted over the shop entrance. Present for the occasion were Dean of the School of STEM, Leslie Cornick, Assistant Dean for Operations, Jennifer McLound-Mann, Chair of Engineering and Mathematics (E&M), Associate Professor Tadesse Ghirmai, and Mechanical Engineering Coordinator, Associate Professor Jong Yoon. The sign was crafted during a training program whereby CAPT Anderson was learning a variety of welding and fabrication skills to incorporate in additional courses to be offered to the Mechanical Engineering students of UW Bothell. Overheard from the group was an emphatic reminder to ensure the sign moves with the M.E. Shop when the program moves to the newly completed STEM 4 building.

Professor Anderson conducted a workshop demo during the 2022 Transfer days in Discovery Hall 270, ME workshop. The Transfer Academic Program Days are designed to help connect incoming transfer students with incoming peers and the staff and faculty in the schools they are admitted to. Mechanical engineering transfer students came for a whirlwind tour of what our ME students are learning to make them competitive in the engineering marketplace.

Alumnus proves the distance between a dream and reality is action

March 15, 2022

UW Bothell student from the first cohort of the Mechanical Engineering program which started in 2014, represents USA in 2022 Olympic curling competition.

Husky 100

October 1, 2021

The Heart of a Husky, congratulations to Andrew Truong for being named to the 2021 Husky 100!

Smart Medical Devices Lab (SMDL)

May 6, 2021
Congratulations to the multidisciplinary team on being awarded a UW Bothell SRCP Grant. Link to story

First place in the Northwest Innovation Resource Center’s Amazon Catalyst Competition

Associate Professor Pietro Paparella and Professor Pierre Mourad were awarded first place in the Northwest Innovation Resource Center’s Amazon Catalyst Competition in the city of Everett. The purpose of the competition was “to discover and reward big ideas to residents in the city of Everett with healthcare solutions for products, services and processes that focus on healthcare issues.” Pietro and Pierre’s innovative idea was to develop a “smart” asthma inhaler. They plan to work with a UW Bothell interdisciplinary undergraduate capstone group to build a prototype using their prize money ($5,000) to pay for materials. View details on this competition and descriptions of the winning innovative ideas.

Meet the Mechanical Engineering Lab Manager, Jacob Roth

September 2020

Jacob Roth is a recent graduate of the University of Washington mechanical engineering master’s program, where he studied additive manufacturing systems with Professor Mark Ganter. While studying biophysics at Harvey Mudd College, he became interested in biomimetic engineering solutions and developed new types of 3D printed nonlinear springs. Outside of work, he is an avid board gamer and builds custom mechanical keyboards.

Class of 2020 ME Capstone Day

June 17, 2020

The ME program at UW Bothell is honoring the hard work and perseverance of our students, who have conducted their projects remotely during a very challenging quarter, amidst a global pandemic, an economic crisis, and the recent and widespread protest against racial inequities.

Last week a group of students, along with their faculty advisors, took a moment to celebrate the completion of their projects over Zoom and a beverage. A link to the student projects can be found below.

Student Projects

Congratulations ME students for all your accomplishments through this extremely difficult time!

Mechanical Engineering Student Named to 2020 Husky 100

May 5, 2020

UW Bothell Mechanical Engineering student, Nicholas Degrasse, has been selected to the Husky 100 Class of 2020. The Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students from three campuses in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW.

Nicholas comments, “Design, create and reiterate is a three-step process I’ve come to fall in love with in my time as an engineer at UW, where I’ve brought ingenuity and passion to everything I do. I’ve had the opportunity to bring ideas to life and create medical devices to serve the needs of others. My Husky Experience has taught me to be a leader, how to bring the most out of myself and those around me, and how I can use what I’ve learned to save and improve lives”.

The Husky 100 actively connect what happens inside and outside of the classroom and apply what they learn to make a difference on campus, in their communities and for the future. Through their passion, leadership and commitment, these students inspire all of us to shape our own Husky Experience.

Full list of 2020 Husky 100 Students

Fully accredited engineering programs

September 18, 2019

All three engineering programs at the University of Washington Bothell — Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering — have been accredited for the next six years. Read the full article here.

Dr. Shima Abadi Receives ONR Research Grant

July 12, 2019

The Navy’s science arm, the Office of Naval Research (ONR), has awarded Dr. Shima Abadi $850,000 over three years to research underwater noise off the Northwest coast. For the research titled “Data-Driven Analysis and Prediction of Ocean Ambient Noise in the Northeast Pacific Ocean Continental Slope,” Abadi will analyze acoustic data recorded by hydrophones in the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). Read the full article here.

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Class of 2018 has Graduated!

Congratulations on your graduation!! On June 10, we held our 27th Commencement Ceremony of the University of Washington Bothell and our third Mechanical Engineering class graduation. The Class of 2018, received their BSME diplomas.

Capstone projects are the highlight of students’ learning experience and project-based education with community and local companies. Students got the opportunity to present their projects to faculty, friends, family, and industry sponsors on June 8th. The Mechanical Engineering industrial advisory board (MEAB) members also participated as a panel of judges and assessed the completion of the student projects. Great job, everyone!!

PACCAR Panel Discussion

January 8, 2018

Engineers from PACCAR were on campus for an open discussion on Engineering in the automotive industry. PACCAR is the parent organization of Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks.

Hosted by Society of Manufacturing Engineers at UW Bothell

Fully accredited engineering programs

September 29, 2017

The computer engineering and mechanical engineering programs at University of Washington Bothell have received their first full accreditation from ABET, the accrediting agency for programs in natural science, computing and engineering. Read the full accreditation article here.

UWB STEM School Researchers Receive NSF MRI Award

September 5, 2017

Please join the school of STEM in congratulating Seungkeun Choi (PI) and his co-investigators, Hung Cao, Cassandra Wright, and Kristina Hillesland in their NSF MRI award, MRI: Acquisition of a Scanning Electron Microscope to Enhance Undergraduate Research Training in the Engineering and Science, received on 09/06/2017. The NSF MRI program provides funds for major equipment purchases. This will provide our UG students a wonderful opportunity to work on a SEM in their UG research experiences and aid our faculty in their research efforts. Learn about the NSF award details.

Faculty Project Receives Amazon Catalyst Award for Innovation in Assistive Technoloty

September 5, 2017

Professor Yoon and his team have been selected to receive an Amazon Catalyst grant in support of their project titled “Modular kit development for the safe and easy use of public restrooms for wheelchair Patients.” This grant is made possible through a collaboration between the University of Washington and Amazon. The team will develop a smart, multifunctional wheelchair system based on a modular do-it-yourself kit, allowing wheelchair-bound patients the safe and easy use of public restrooms with $35,000 for a grant period of 12 months.

Professor Collins to be elected as President-Elect of WSPE

September 1, 2017

Congrats to ME professor Steve Collins for being elected as the President-elect of the Washington Society of Professional Engineers (WSPE)! Also, he was appointed as International Affiliated Fellow at Japan’s National Institute of Science and Technology Policy for the period 4/17 – 3/18. Professor Collins will travel to Japan 9/4 – 9/15 to initiate research collaboration on the status of science and technology resources and policy assessment. Many things to celebrate!resources and policy assessment. Many things to celebrate!

Building a Biodigester as a Teaching Tool

June 28, 2017

Farmer Frog, a nonprofit educational farm in Woodinville, has added a biodigester to its teaching tools thanks to a capstone project by two University of Washington Bothell mechanical engineering students. Read More…

Students Build Mars Robot for NASA Contest

May 1, 2017

Trickfire Robotics, a college robotics team under the School of STEM, is working hard to get their robot robot to the NASA Robotic Mining Competition (RMC) at the Kenney Space Center in Florida in May. Read More…

First Hackathon in series targets campus garden

April 28, 2017

The first in a planned series of University of Washington Bothell community hackathons aims to make improvements at the garden sprouting on campus . Read More…

Two mechanical engineering students have been named to 2017’s Husky 100!!!

April 1, 2017

The Husky 100 recognizes 100 UW undergraduate and graduate students from three campuses in all areas of study who are making the most of their time at the UW. Two mechanical engineering students, Matt Dunaway and Randa Mustafa, were selected as part of the Husky 100 Class of 2017. Read More about Matt. Read More about Randa.

Cross-discipline, community hackathons coming

January 27, 2017

Hackathons at the UW Bothell Makerspace are expanding beyond problem-solving binges into experiences that direct diverse disciplines to solve community needs. Read More…

SME Industry Panel

December 5, 2016

We, the officers of the UW Bothell chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), believe networking to be the top priority of our club. In consideration of this, we have invited local industry representatives to participate in a panel on our campus. The topic of discussion will be internships, the needs of the panelists, advice that can aid students pursuing internships, and advice on how our students can take full advantage of an internship.

Please come prepared with a reviewed Resume / CV. There will be an opportunity after the panel to meet with company representatives for one on one questions and resume review. I would also suggest having your elevator pitch ready to go. Please contact the UWB Career Center for assistance getting prepared for Internship Season.

Our club officers have donated their membership refunds in order to provide refreshments for attendees. All attendees will be asked to consider joining our professional society so we can continue to provide these opportunities.

  • Time: Monday, December 5, 2016 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (PST)
  • Location: Maker Space

UW MTS Student Chapter Event/Mixer

A “Mix-giving” celebration of fall and ocean technology designed to get students and professional in the region talking about all things marine technology related!! Read More…

Computer code and your career

Nov 14, 2016

Have you wondered why CSS161 is a degree requirement for mechanical engineering? Have you been told knowing how to code will enhance your career but don’t know where to start? Read More…

Ocean Engineering Minor featured in UWB NEWS

September 19, 2016

Three students in a marine engineering course last spring designed a platform in a community-based learning and research project with Teledyne BlueView, a Bothell sonar products company owned by Teledyne Technologies, a global industrial company. Read More…

Graduating Class of 2016!!

June 12, 2016

Congratulations on you graduation!! On June 12, we held our 25th Commencement Ceremony of the University of Washington Bothell and our first 28 Mechanical Engineering graduates, The Class of 2016, received their BSME diplomas. Read More…


Mar 28, 2016

No experience nessecary, but feel free to stop by the space to learn some how to use some of the machines before-hand. It will be a fun day of rapid design, teamwork and making. Space is limited, so sign up now!

Roach to talk about engineering

Mar 5, 2016

Zebrick plans to share his experience gained from a wide variety of companies and fields of engineering. As many of our students begin the search for our first engineering job, Zebrick will discuss advantages and disadvantages associated with choosing a specific field or company. Read More…

Student Advocacy and The Road to Inspiring Excellence: UWB ASME Student Chapter

Jan 18, 2016

The University of Washington Bothell’s new Mechanical Engineering program is rapidly developing into an exemplary engineering education . The small class sizes, the drive to encourage students to fully consider the impacts of their engineering choices and the unwavering commitment to technical and creative excellence sets the experience apart from many other campuses. Read More…