My Story: A tale of two Huskies & two heroes

Christian Dunham, cybersecurity engineering master’s student, Green Beret, veteran and volunteer with Task Force Pineapple, works to get Afghan refugees safely out of Afghanistan and to the states. In so doing, he is paying forward a great sacrifice made by one of his heroes. Read Christian’s story.

DeepTracer research published in Nature

Congratulations to Dong Si on the collaborative work on DeepTracer with the University of Chicago getting published in the Nature journal. Their research documents the first-time people have applied a fully automated AI-based cryo-EM complex modeling method (DeepTracer) on a new cryo-EM maps. In this paper, researchers deciphered a challenging ubiquitin complex, which underlies ageing and neurodegeneration such as Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and functional recovery after spinal cord injury (SCI).

Viral Epidemics prepares students for college life

Discovery Core course Viral Epidemics prepares students for university-level learning and provides context for the state of the world during the second year of the coronavirus pandemic. First-year student Brandon Bui, an aspiring computer science major, discovered many similarities between a computer virus and a biological virus. Read the Viral Edpidemics story in UW Bothell news.

What if an AI system existed that could accurately detect sarcasm?

CSS Assistant Teaching Professor Dr. Annuska Zolyomi’s recent research on autism-related discourse on Twitter is quoted in a Gizmodo article, A DARPA Sarcasm Detector is Good. In this research the authors found mixed messages, like jokes and sarcasm, are challenging for those with autistic spectrum disorder to sense. So what if a joke button was added to social platforms like Twitter? Read the article on Gizmodo.

CSS faculty promotions with tenure

Congratulations to Dr. Geetha Thamilarasu (left in photo) and Dr. Marc Dupuis on their promotions to associate professor with tenure. Dr. Dupuis’s research focuses on cybersecurity and privacy, human factors, information assurance; and Dr. Thamilarasu’s research focuses on wireless security, mobile health, internet of things.

Dr. David Socha and colleagues receive one of twelve 2021 Connected Learning Excellence Awards

Dr. David Socha and colleagues Dr. Jody Early (N&HS) and Dr. Pierre Mourad (STEM, E&M Division) received funding for their project “Creating a Virtual Reality Rehabilitation Therapy for Patients With Upper Limb Amputations.” This award is intended to support UW Bothell faculty and faculty led teams so they can continue providing equitable opportunities for students to explore their passions, interests and careers paths through unique transformative learning projects within all schools. View all funded projects.

Welcome new assistant teaching professor

Dr. Annuska Zolyomi teaches courses in human-computer interaction and software engineering. Her scholarship focuses on improving access of disabled and neurodivergent people to socio-technical spaces. Her approach is to collaborate and co-design with these communities to improve ways technology can mediate communication, social connection and agency. Check out Dr. Zoluomi’s website.

Welcome new staff

Dr. Lucas Moe joins the School of STEM Office of Graduate Studies as the STEM graduate career counselor, Ludmilla Kortchak fills the newly created role as the CSS Division Coordinator in the School of STEM, and three CSS advisors join the undergraduate team: Jake Ortiz, Tony Angelella, and Mary Ramirez.

Sponsoring the Grace Hopper Celebration

Thirteen STEM graduate students and the STEM graduate admission advisor virtually attended the 2021 Grace Hopper Celebration, the largest gathering of women technologists. Read about sponsoring the conference and learn more about GHC.

Research, rockets and recognition

Students from UW Bothell didn’t let a global pandemic stop them from conducting research. Despite COVID-19, students were able to present their work at this year’s virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium. Fifth-year student in Business Administration and Computer Science Januskeviciute has been working on a grant project funded by the Army Research Office, coding teamwork communication using data from HERA mission crews at NASA. Read the research story in UW Bothell news.

Dr. Afra Mashhadi selected as one of seven recipients for the 2021 Research Mentor Award

Each year, Undergraduate Research Symposium presenters are given an opportunity to nominate their mentor for the Research Mentor Award. One student who nominated Assistant Professor Dr. Mashhadi said “Throughout my time involved in research under the mentorship of Dr. Mashhadi, she has struck an excellent balance between enabling me to work independently and providing guidance and direction. If I had to pick the single most valuable experience of my time at UW Bothell, it would be my involvement in research. Dr. Mashhadi’s guidance, encouragement and support has opened my eyes to the excitement of research.” Visit Dr. Mashhadi’s website.

Faculty awarded 2021 SRCP grants

Four CSS faculty received funding from UW Bothell’s Scholarship, Research, and Creative Practice Seed Grant Program to support new UW Bothell faculty projects. Congratulations to Dr. Afra Mashhadi (Project title: “A crowdsensing platform for ubiquitous taste recognition”), Dr. Yang Peng (Project title: “Delivery of mobile computing resources for pervasive AI services on edge)”, Dr. Dong Si (Project title: “Intelligent RNA and ligand involved SARS-CoV-2 supramolecular assembly modeling from Cryo-EM”), Dr. Geethapriya Thamilarasu (Project title: “A deep learning approach for ECG authentication on implantable medical devices”). View all SRCP recipients.

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