STEM Staff

School of STEM Staff

Undergraduate Academic Services
Discovery Hall #352
425-352-3746 (front desk)

Laura Avila
Director of Undergraduate Academic Services
Room: DISC-352L
Phone: 425.352.5147

Nicholas Abel
Front Desk Admin
Room: DISC-352
Phone: 425.352.5279

Larry Burris
Front Desk Coordinator
Room: DISC-352
Phone: 425.352.3746

Lorrie Cain
Program Coordinator
Room: DISC-452T
Phone: 425.352.3263

Stacey Doran
CSS Admissions Advisor/Recruiter
Room: DISC 352-U
Phone: 425.352.5422

Janet McDaniel
Program Coordinator
Room: DISC 352-R
Phone: 425.352.5287

Sharon Meriwether
Advisor: EE, ME, and Math
Room: DISC-352S
Phone: 425.352.3766

Chris Shaeffer
Advisor: Bio, Chem, and CSP
Room: DISC-352T
Phone: 425.352.5127

Tina Wong
CSS Undergraduate Advisor
Room: DISC-352V
Phone: 425.352.3242

Graduate Academic Services
UW1/Founders Hall #360 (front desk)

Megan Jewell
CSS Graduate Advisor
Room: UW1-360C
Phone: 425.352.3494

Briget Peters
Graduate Recruiter
Room: UW1-360B
Phone: 425.352.5490

Mike Stiber
Associate Dean Graduate Studies
Room: UW1-360D

Ellis Zhuang
Program Assistant
Room: UW1-360
Phone: 425.352.5490

Administrative, Personnel, and Fiscal Services
Discovery Hall #452 (front desk)

Jill Beytebiere
Administrative Assistant
Room: DISC-452
Phone: 425.352.5193

Annie Brelsford
Faculty and Administrative Affairs Specialist
Room: DISC-452U
Phone: 425.352.3671

Christina Cannan
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.5112

Cheryl Duncan
Administrative Assistant
Room: DISC-452
Phone: 425.352.3470

Christine Howard
Room: DISC-452B
Phone: 425.352.3837

Nate Stout
Program Assistant
Phone: 425.352.5112

Ellis Zhuang
Program Assistant
Room: DISC-452U
Phone: 425.352.5128

Laboratory Management
Discovery Hall #452N (Christy Cherrier, Lab Manager)

Christy Cherrier
Lab Manager
Room: DISC-452N
Phone: 425.352.3787

Chris Fox
STEM IT Liason
Room: DISC-468
Phone: 425.352.3609

Glen Gullickson
Chem Lab Coordinator
Room: DISC-452
Phone 425.352.5407

Sam Shupe
Physics/Chem Lab Coordinator
Room: CC1-320
Phone: 425.352.3291

Alexis Wheeler
Fiscal Tech
Room: DISC-452
Phone: 425.352.5035

UW1/Founders Hall 271D / Discovery Hall 452 (Eileen Harasimowicz, Assoc. Dir. for Advancement)

Eileen Harasimowicz
Associate Director for Advancement
Room: UW1-271D
Phone: 425.352.5149