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Saving Print Code for UWB Mac

Printing to any Ricoh printer on-campus requires your assigned print code. This how-to article will guide you through the process. The benefit of creating a preset (with the print code) is that you do not have to re-entering your assigned print code every time you tired to print.

On this article, LB2-218-Ricoh2553 and Microsoft Word will be used as an example.

Open Microsoft Word and create a new document, now go to File and Print from the menu bar. The following print panel will appear.

Select the Ricoh printer you wanted to print to, click on “Copies & Pages” and a drop down menu will appear. Select “Job Log”.



After selecting Job Log, check the 'Enable User Code' box and enter your assigned print code.

After entering in the print code, go up to “Presets:” and click on the “Default Settings.” This will present a drop down menu. In that drop down menu select “Save Current Settings as Preset…”


You can name your preset to anything you prefer (Printcode as an example) and make sure to select 'All printers'.


After you have named your preset, click OK. From now on when you try to send a print job to any on-campus Ricoh printer, please make sure to select the preset you just created.


Last Modified: October 27, 2015.