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Using a Document Camera

SimplicityCam Document camera



     This is the SimplicityCam document camera.

This tutorial will walk you through  turning on the device, applying necessary settings,
and successfully project documents during class.










Step #1 - Login onto the Podium Computer

""NetID or Guest Username & Password}
NetID = NETID\Net-ID\Email address
Guest User Name is located on podium login document and dependent on building
Guest Password = Husky_One



Step #2 - Access the Touch Panel




On top of every podium you can find the touch panel. Tap the screen to begin.





Step #3 - Turn on projector



Select Use Projector






Step #4 - Select source



Select Show Computer










Select the Podium PC button.






Step #5 - Start document camera software







On the podium Computer, Open XSight HD 2.5.








Step #6 - Turn on document camera







Make sure the power button is turned on.
If not, press the Power button.

A red glowing light will display over the button.









Step #7 - Close XSight window





If you start Xsight and see this window, click Exit.
Then verify that the device
is plugged into a USB port
and powered on.





Step #8 - Select video device





Change Video Device to RecordxUSA.








Step #9 - Set additional options






Select the Mirror and flip input video checkbox and under compression, select MJPG






Step #10 - Set up document





Frame your document by physically moving the document camera around until desired fit is met.






Step #11 - Turn on full screen view






To display in full screen,
click the Expand Screen button. 










You document will display on the computer/screen for all students to see.

When finished, press the Esc key.



Document camera capture can be recorded using Panopto. Please see our Panopto tutorial for more information.

Contact UW Bothell IT if you need additional support (