Software Installation Request

Software installation on a university owned computing device.

Obtain This Service

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Features & Options

  • Consultation, specification, procurement, and inventory for software for all UW Bothell-owned desktop and laptop workstations. This service provides software by managing all campus software licensing, including the collection of campus-wide licensed software, free and open-source software, and individually or departmentally purchased software.
  • This service provides policies and procedures for managing license terms, security updates/patches, upgrades, maintenance, and renewals.
  • This service does not include mobile apps; IT does not provide technical assistance, purchasing or distribution for mobile apps at this time.
  • University Licensed Software (UWare)
  • Standard Software List: Windows
  • Standard Software List: Mac
  • Standard Software List: Linux


  • UW Bothell staff and faculty


  • Licensing costs based on software.

Service & Availability Targets

  • Delivery targets:
    • 14 business days for all computer lab, computer classroom, and standard classroom (ePodium) requests
    • 5 business days for all faculty/staff workstations
    • Non-standard software requests include software that I.T. has not previously supported. In such cases, IT may need up to 90 days to fully evaluate software for use on the UW Bothell campus including for ADA compliance. The I.T. technician processing your request will inform you if you are requesting a non-standard software.

Software on Library Computers

  • Computers in the Campus Library are managed by Library Technology Services, and they may not have the same course-specific or license-restricted software as computers at UWB, or Cascadia College. Visit the Library software page at for more information.

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