Software Acquisition & Support Service

Software procurement and installation process for a university owned computing device.

Obtain This Service


  • UW Bothell faculty and staff
    • UW Bothell student staff should work with their supervisor regarding software needs.

Features & Options

  • Consultations for Platforms & Software: UWB-IT staff are available to work with you on finding your best software/platform solution whether that is something already owned by the University or a 3rd party option.
  • UWare Purchases: The UW-IT UWare service provides software that is available at either free or reduced cost. UW Bothell IT purchases and installs UWare software on UW Bothell owned computers Purchasing turnaround times vary depending on the software.
  • Third Party Software Acquisition/Renewals:
    • This includes any software for purchase and software that is available for free as well as renewals. The University has Privacy, Security, Accessibility, and Procurement standards for software and platforms used for University teaching and business. All software needs to go through a review process.
    • Software that collects/stores confidential and restricted data or has higher risk factors for Security and Accessibility will take longer for reviews to be completed and will also be dependent on vendor responsiveness and the availability of UW Seattle offices involved.
    • Depending on complexity, this process generally takes 3 weeks to 3 months.
  • Classroom/Individual Software Installation Request:
    • Software where there is an existing UW contract and is not needed for the first day of the quarter may be requested at any time.
    • Any new software or software that has not previously been reviewed will need to go through the third-party acquisition process. Please allow for the following turn-around times for all standard software installation requests:
      • Two weeks for all computer lab, computer classroom, and standard classroom (ePodium) requests
      • One week for all faculty/staff workstations
  • Software Support: This service provides policies and procedures for managing license terms, security updates/patches, upgrades, maintenance, and software lifecycle. IT does not provide technical assistance, purchasing or distribution for mobile apps at this time.


  • Licensing costs based on software vendor or UW contract terms.

Campus Library Computer Software

  • Computers in the Campus Library are managed by Library Technology Services, and they may not have the same course-specific or license-restricted software as computers as UW Bothell or Cascadia College. Visit the Library software page for more information.