Administrative Access

Administrative access to university devices

All UW Bothell faculty and staff are provided with computer accounts that provide access to all UW Bothell computers and email. Standard UW Bothell computer accounts allow standard user-level access to all computers.

The IT department is responsible for administering all computers and will be happy to perform administrative tasks as needed. These responsibilities include, for example, ensuring that all computers receive appropriate and timely security updates, patches and software upgrades. IT also performs administrative tasks, such as software installations, for users by request.

In some cases IT provides faculty and staff users with separate administrative computing accounts. These accounts can be provided if the user needs to conduct administrative-level computing tasks in the performance of her or his job.

Requesting administrative access

  • Send an email to to schedule a brief set-up and orientation meeting with an IT representative.
  • At the meeting you will be given a secondary, administrative account (logon). You should continue to use your regular logon for all computer work except when the administrative account is necessary (for example, when installing or updating software).
  • The IT representative will review the administrative access agreement (below) with you, ask you to sign the agreement, and show you how to use your administrative account.
  • Please note that administrative accounts may not be set up on any shared computers.

Forms & guidelines