Remote Computer Access for Students

This temporary emergency service has been extended in a limited capacity through 2023. This allows students to Remote Desktop from any off-campus computer to specific on-campus UW Bothell computers. By connecting to our computers, students will have access to software needed for coursework that they may not have at home.

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Using Remote Computer Access

Step 1: Download and connect to Husky OnNet

You must first connect to Husky OnNet before using a remote lab computer. Please visit IT Connect for instructions on downloading, installing, and using the VPN.

Step 2: Install Microsoft Remote Desktop on your device

  • Windows: ​Remote Desktop is included with Windows. No additional software is required. ​
  • MacOS: Make sure you have downloaded and installed Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

Step 3: Launch remote computer access webpage

Click Launch Remote Computer Access button to view the list of available computers.

Launch Remote Computer Access

Step 4: Connect to a computer

  1. Decide which available computer you’d like to connect to and click the corresponding Connect button.
  2. Connect window will pop-up. Click the Download button.
  3. Open the file that was downloaded. You will be prompted with a security warning. Click Connect.
  4. You will need to login with your UW NetID. In the username field, type your UW NetID in this format: NETID\yournetid and then enter your password in the next field. Remember, your UW NetID is different than your student ID number.
  5. Once your UW NetID and password are accepted, you will be connected to the computer.

Step 5: When you’re finished, sign out of the computer

When you are done with your work, make sure to Sign Out. Do not shut down computer as it will become unavailable.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Click on your name (for example Joe Smith).
  3. Select Sign Out.

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Appropriate Use and Availability

Appropriate Use

When you use any on-campus computer, you will be subject to the UW Appropriate Use Policy.

All users are bound by the Terms and Conditions of this service, regardless of operating system or device.

Service Availability

In order to accommodate all students, please be mindful of how long you stay connected to one of UW Bothell’s 10 available remote computers. Currently, all connections are set to timeout after 4 hours.

Connection length: 4 hours

Connection availability: 4:00am to 12:00am PDT

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Best Practices for using Remote Computers

In a shared remote environment, we recommend students follow a few basic guidelines to make the most of the service and to be considerate for their fellow students.

  • Do not save your work to remote computers. We recommend using cloud (OneDrive or Google Drive) storage or your UW U Drive to save all work.
  • Save frequently as remote connections can accidentally be interrupted by poor connectivity.
  • Sign out when you are done with your work.
  • Do not shut down the computer you’re remoting into as it will then become unavailable.

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Terms & Conditions

LabScout Remote Computer Access Terms of Use:

Acceptance of Terms: The LabScout Remote Computer Access Service that UW Bothell IT provides to you is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By using and accessing LabScout and Lab Computers, or otherwise connecting to Campus Remote Computers, you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

General Terms of Use & Conditions

  • All students will be strictly held to the Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington, and the Appropriate Use policy.
  • Use HuskyOnNet to connect to UW networks as it encrypts the data while in transit to protect data.
  • All data, software, profiles, passphrases and other information stored on Desktop, hard drives, and removable media will be volatile, so consider it erased when you exit. UW Bothell is not responsible for loss of data left on computers.
  • Backup your data before you exit device. OneDrive is recommended for confidential data. Google Drive is FERPA compliant. Avoid storing UW Data on non-UW computers.
  • This is in response to COVID-19 and is temporary, so availability of computers is limited, and first come, first served.

Safe Computing Guidelines

  • Report any abuse, harassment, phishing or suspicious email to
  • For more safe computing tips, see the Working Remotely Risk Advisory from the UW Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.

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