Computer Purchase Request

Standard Computer Purchase Request

While many staff and faculty are provided computers that are a part of the UWB Computer Replacement Program (CRP), there may be additional computers or peripherals needed to support your team or department. Per campus policy, all purchases must be coordinated through UW Bothell IT.

Click here to submit Purchase Request Form

How can I purchase a standard computer with UWB-IT?

  • Submit a Purchase Request Form to start the procurement process.
  • Please do not submit the form until you have budget approval and are ready to purchase.

When would I purchase a standard computer?

  • If you have a new permanent employee starting. Once purchased, that computer will then be enrolled in the Computer Replacement Program (CRP).
  • If you have student or temporary employees.
  • If you would like a new service point computer (usually shared).
  • If you are not sure, email and we can help identify if a new computer is needed.

What are the standard computer options?

  • UWB-IT has currated a list of standard computer configurations to choose from. We offer Mac and PC, laptops and desktops and can work with you to select the configuration that best meets your needs.
  • Detailed specifications and costs for the standard computer offerings can be found in the purchase request form. These computers are pre-configured and cannot be modified.

What if I need something different?

  • We encourage you to review our standard models, if you haven’t already, to see if any of those options meet your need.
  • If a different computer or a custom configuration is desired please email with any desired specifications or needs to be met.

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