Computer Replacement Program


Computer Replacement Program is currently on hold due to COVID-19. Only emergency faculty and staff replacements are being processed.

UW Bothell Computer Replacement Program

UW Bothell Information Technology (IT) is responsible for managing the centrally funded campus Computer Replacement Program (CRP).


  • Provide all eligible participants with a computer of sufficient capability to support general computing needs in fulfillment of their work responsibilities.
  • Improve computer lifecycle planning, budget sustainability, and supportability of campus computers.
  • Streamline the specification, acquisition, and deployment of new equipment and redeployment or disposal of old equipment.


  • Full-time faculty and permanent staff are eligible for a replacement computer at the end of a 5-year lifecycle.
  • Service point computers (i.e. computers at a public service desk or kiosk): These computers are not eligible under the CRP. Schools & Units will be provided refurbished computers upon request and will need to self-fund if a new computer is desired.

About the CRP

  • Schools or departments will be responsible for purchasing the initial standard computer for eligible faculty and staff upon hire, including associated peripherals. Per campus policy, all purchases must be coordinated through UW Bothell IT.
  • Replacement computers provided through the CRP budget will not include peripheral devices (e.g., monitor, docking station, keyboard, mouse, additional power supplies)
  • Schools or departments are responsible for 100% of the cost of non-standard computer purchases. The purchase of such computers must be coordinated with UW Bothell IT.
  • All computers that are part of the CRP return to UWB-IT upon replacement with a new model or when an eligible employee leaves their position. These computers will be evaluated to determine if they have functional lifecycle and meet security requirements for appropriate use cases, as is or with minor upgrades. Priority uses for refurbished computers is for service desks and student employee workstations. Additional uses will be evaluated based on support implications and availability.


UW Bothell IT responsibilities:

  • Define standard computer models
  • Receive hardware and maintain the campus inventory record of all computer assets and identify computer equipment for replacement.
  • Coordinate with each school or department’s point of contact to facilitate the replacement process.
  • Configure and install basic software packages on all computers. Install specialized software as requested by the faculty or staff member and approved by UW Bothell IT.
  • Assist faculty and staff as needed with instructions and training on new computers.
  • Every effort will be made to provide a flexible installation schedule that causes minimal workflow interruption.

Administrator and budget approver responsibilities:

  • Review yearly computer replacements and verify faculty and staff eligibility; provide any corrections.
  • Work with faculty and staff to determine and communicate the replacement choice to UW Bothell IT for processing.
  • Review and approve any additional equipment or peripherals and provide a budget number.

UW Bothell faculty and staff responsibilities:

  • Treat UW Bothell assets with care and follow safe computing practices.
  • Individuals or their schools or departments will be responsible for the costs of fixing or replacing computer equipment damaged as a result of negligence or misconduct.
  • Faculty or staff members must immediately report lost or stolen equipment to UW Bothell IT at


Contact if you have questions or need assistance