Information Technology - Security & Privacy

Security Aware at UWB

Because we care, we're security aware

two people are sitting at a desk in their home looking at a laptop

In response to the pandemic, many of us have shifted to working primarily from home which increases the risk for cybersecurity attacks. Being security aware means you understand what the threats are — and you take the right steps to prevent them. 

ACTION #1 - Keep a clean machine

Many data breaches and incidents occur because of out-of-date software or operating system (OS) vulnerabilities. Information Technology provides monthly security updates for our UW-owned computer.

  • To receive your updates when working remotely, you need to login to Husky On Net (Big-IP Edge Client) for your Windows or MacOS computer.
  • If you have questions about whether your computer is receiving updates contact UW Bothell IT.

ACTION #2 - Don’t get hooked

Phishing is a form of email fraud in which victims are enticed into providing sensitive information which can then be used to access personal and UW information. The UW CISO website contains new resources to help you safeguard UW’s institutional information:

For more information about cybersecurity at the UW, check out the UW CISO website.
If you have questions about your UW computer, contact UW Bothell IT.