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Husky OnNet VPN

UWIT now offers a great new service, the Husky OnNet VPN. Husky OnNet provides secure off-campus access to all UW networks, including UWB networks. Husky OnNet is the new standard solution for connecting to UW-wide and UWB resources like the UWB Fileservers from off-campus and is now installed on all UWB owned laptops (look for it as “f5 Big-IP client” in your application menu).     

For those of you who have been using Webfiles ( to access UWB Fileservers when working off campus, please be advised that we are transitioning from the old Webfiles service to the new Husky OnNet service.   Mac users can now connect to UWB Fileservers via SMB and no longer require access via Webfiles. If you have been using the Webfiles service from a personally owned desktop or laptop computer learn how you can download and install Husky OnNet via the link below.

Find out more about Husky OnNet here:

Find out how to re-establish access to UWB Fileservers when using Husky OnNet here:

Note: This only affects those users who have been using the Webfiles service.  If you have questions or concerns regarding how to establish a Husky OnNet VPN session or how to establish access to UWB Fileservers via Husky OnNet, please contact the UWB Information Technologies Helpdesk at 425-352-3456 or e-mail

Public Folders/Room Resource Calendars

Public Folders have been traditionally used for Vacation & Room Calendars. You would create your meeting or put your vacation on your personal calendar then you would have to go to the public folder and make a separate appointment on the Vacation Calendar or Conference Room Calendar. Room and Vacation calendars that were in use in Public Folders have been migrated into Office 365 into their own account, much like yours and mine.

Now you will simply schedule your appointment and include the resource! The resource will automatically accept in most cases (some rooms will require an authorization). You will be able to add the resource calendars to your calendar view in Office 365, but you can see the resource’s availability in your appointment request just like your other attendees.

Firefox 31 Update

UWB Information Technologies has scheduled a critical update to the Firefox web browser for Wednesday evening to improve security and effective operation of your office workstations.
For Windows Users, this work is scheduled for Wednesday night, July 30th, during a maintenance window that will begin at 10:00pm and should be concluded by 2:00am. Because this update will be focused on the Firefox web browser, we recommend that anyone who has open Firefox web browser windows to close them before leaving work for the day today.
For Mac users, if you have not already updated, Firefox Update 31 has been added to your Managed Software Update tool. Instructions for running this update can be found at or you can contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.
Thank you for your understanding and assistance during this process. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this outage please contact the Information Technologies helpdesk at 425-352-3456 or e-mail

Update for R25 Users

UW-IT in Seattle is making a change on how they provide the R25 Room Scheduling software to the UW Bothell campus. Unfortunately this change will make accessing this system a little more complicated from your desktop but we believe we have captured the few extra steps you will have to take in this help document. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but it does keep this resource available. Please take a moment to test these instructions out. If you have any problems please contact us. Seattle will make this change permanent on March 12th and at that time they will be turning off the current method of accessing R25 so please take whatever time is necessary to familiarize yourself with this new process.

Data Privacy

Data Privacy is important at UW Bothell.  There have been many news stories over the past couple of years that have put data privacy in headline news. For example this week’s story on the University of Maryland where more than 300,000 personal records for faculty, staff and students were compromised in a computer security breach.  These stories have ignited debates, and prompted questions, about the increasingly complex relationship between individuals, the online data they create or is about them, and how that data is protected, used and shared.  Privacy is a complex topic – the definition of privacy itself varies widely – but there are steps people can take to protect privacy and personal information the best they can. Here at the University of Washington Bothell we take Data Privacy seriously.  Here are some steps that help us achieve the goal of safe guarding the data of our campus community:

Implementing these tips and advice, help make the Internet safer, more private and secure for all.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact UW Bothell IT.


New Ricoh Printers on Campus:

Starting last Monday January 27, 2014 and continuing through the week of February 3rd, most of the multi-function Ricoh copiers and networked printers on campus are being replaced. 

If you are unable to see the new printers in your list of available printers, please try one of the listed steps below (there is one step for PC users, and one step for Macintosh users).  If you have any trouble or would like assistance, do not hesitate to contact our IT Helpdesk.


  1. Please Log out and then Log back into your computer. This should run a script that will add any of the new printers that have recently been replaced.
  2. For information on how to save print codes to PCs, refer to our how-to

For UWB Macs

  1. Please see the following link for adding the new printers to your computer. Adding Ricoh printers to your Mac.
  2. For information on how to save print codes to Macs, refer to our how-to

Print Code Not Working?

If your print code is not being accepted, we recommend that you use your departmental access code temporarily.  If you are unsure of your departmental access code, please contact your departmental administrator or program coordinator and they should be able to assist you. For a more permanent fix, please contact Budget, Fiscal and Auxiliary Services who can issue a new code to you or your department.  Please email Cynthia Yee or Maria Jimenez  for assistance with this and they will generate a new code for you.