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School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS)

Welcome to the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS). We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees designed for students who want to draw connections across diverse fields of study and to link academic work with real life concerns. IAS students benefit from small classes, accessible faculty, innovative teaching, and collaborative and experiential research and learning opportunities.

News and Events

Crispin Thurlow delivers keynote speech in Argentina

Dan Berger speaks on histories of violence, race, and identity

Christian Anderson, Ben Gardner, Ted Hiebert, Jin-Kyu Jung, and Santiago Lopez present at Association of American Geographers

Aeron Bergman hosts Chris Kraus at UW Bothell

Sarah Dowling received rave pre-review in Harriet

Amaranth Borsuk keeps busy – reading, publishing, and workshopping

Wanda Gregory named as senior investigator at the Mind and Life Summer Research Institute

Ted Hiebert, Barbara Noah, and Gary Carpenter contribute to Keys to the Studio exhibit

Carrie Bodle exhibits her work at the MIT Media Lab

Trevor Griffey speaks on poverty, surveillance, and civil rights

Denise Vaughan speaks on debate, diversity, and inclusion

Deborah Caplow speaks on “Secret Nature: Prints by Mercedes López"

Ben Gardner wins the 2014 UW Bothell Distinguished Teaching Award

Joseph Lavy’s theatre company receives rave reviews for Unkle Vanya

Jill Freidberg delivers keynote at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas publish an artist book and essay

Johanna Crane and Carrie Lanza present at International Health Conference

David Goldstein speaks on teaching and learning centers – and accepts award

Priya Frank curates exhibit of David Ryder photos of Oso mudslide

Julie Shayne and Kari Lerum present at the Pacific Sociological Association

Bruce Burgett deliveries keynote address in Sydney

Lauren Berliner and Ron Krabill participate in the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference

Johanna Crane writes and speaks on global health

Martha Groom publishes on natural history and public science

Rebecca Brown noted in The Huffington Post

Lauren Berliner and Lauren Lichty collaborate at Digital Media and Learning conference

Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman exhibit new work in Oslo, Norway

IAS Grad Students to present Project Flash Talks!

Dan Berger publishes op-ed on detainee hunger strike in the Seattle Times

Peter Freeman hired as Odegaard Writing and Research Center coordinator

Lauren Berliner presents the 2014 Festival of (In)Appropriation

Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman perform in Helsinki, Finland

Robin Oppenheimer presents her research at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Amoshaun Toft talks about words and networks in Florida

Ben Gardner, Susan Harewood, Ted Hiebert, and Keith Nitta promoted and tenured

Amaranth Borsuk publishes, sprints, and exhibits her works

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren publishes Kant in Hong Kong

Leslie Ashbaugh, Kristin Gustafson, and Dani Rowland present at the AACU Conference

UW Bothell student art appears in the State Capitol

IAS MFA faculty present, read, and perform at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference

IAS MFA students make a splash at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference

Amaranth Borsuk and Sarah Dowling host off-site reading at the Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference

Kristin Gustafson publishes article about preserving a Seattle-based, historic, Japanese-language newspaper

Becca Price publishes articles about how students learn evolution and the barriers they face

Jed Murr performs at Reiterations: An Intertextual Event

Jill Freidberg featured at conference on globalization, diversity, and education

Karam Dana participates as delegate at symposium on human rights

Robertson Allen presents research to workshop on “War Games” at Leuphana University, Germany

Andreas Brockhaus presents at Educause Connect

Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman will be artists-in-residence at Helsinki International Artist Programme

Dave Stokes publishes on penguin migration in Biology Conservation

Jill Freidberg produces documentary film about Ese Teatro

Dan Berger publishes The Struggle Within

Christa Bell presents her work at the Whitney Museum Biennial

Nives Dolšak to serve on the Science Panel of the Puget Sound Partnership

MA in Cultural Studies students present at Critical Geography Conference

Lauren Berliner co-curates the 2014 Festival of (In)appropriation and publishes “Shooting for Profit”

Kari Lerum speaks on claiming competence and writes on human trafficking

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas launch new print studio

Jennifer Atkinson and Rob Turner present on pedagogies of sustainability

Shauna Carlisle wins Woodrow Wilson Foundation Career Enhancement Award

Ron Krabill speaks on “Nelson Mandela and his Legacy

Jeanne Heuving publishes “Dear Miss Lonelyhearts” in Hambone 20

Rebecca Brown’s creative work is the subject of scholarly book

Carrie Bodle’s students work on proposals for two public art projects

Julie Shayne leads mock classes for Mukilteo middle schoolers

Amaranth Borsuk performs, exhibits, and presents at the Modern Language Association

Carrie Lanza presents her research at the Society for Social Work and Research

Jill Freidberg, Nia Lam, and Denise Hattwig launch the Community Voices Collection

Deborah Caplow publishes chapter in Oaxaca en movimiento

Rachel Pulver and Leslie Schiffman duke it out

Alka Kurian creates documentary film, Shadow Workers

Suzanne Cohen presents West Coast debut of "Honky" as part of Mirror Stage "Feed Your Mind" Series

Wanda Gregory appointed to the advisory board of Foundry10

Dan Berger and Joe Milutis win Royalty Research Fund awards

EJ Juarez appointed to the Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs

Jason Hampton published in the Bothell-Kenmore Reporter

Karam Dana publishes in Islam for Journalists

Ted Hiebert opens art exhibition at the Center for Contemporary Art

S. Charusheela and Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren present at the Forum on Contemporary Theory

Gwen Ottinger, Amaranth Borsuk, Sarah Dowling, and Jennifer Atkinson win Simpson Center grants

Ron Krabill published op-ed on Nelson Mandela in The Seattle Times

Alka Kurian's scholarship reviewed in Himal

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas appear in Billedkunst

Rebecca Brown publishes and reads widely this fall

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren publishes, keynotes, and collaborates

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas curate work by Ulrika Gomm

Jessica Monteiro Manfredi wins Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Andreas Brockhaus presents at the Sloan-C International Conference on Online Learning

Caleb White publishes in the Bellevue Reporter

Bruce Burgett talks about Keywords for American Cultural Studies at Evergreen State College

Camille Walsh presents at the Poverty Law and ClassCrits Conferences

Becca Price publishes article about how undergraduates learn evo-devo

Miriam Bartha, Dan Berger, Bruce Burgett, and Emily Thuma present at the American Studies Association

Gwen Ottinger reviews Petrochemical America in Southern Spaces

Wanda Gregory co-curates Doctor Who event at the Experience Music Project

Crispin Thurlow gives two invited talks at the University of Turku

Amaranth Borsuk leads Art Break tour at the Henry Art Gallery

Karrin Klotz wins award from the National Conference of Women's Bar Associations

Sarah Dowling published "How Lucky I Was to Be Free and Safe at Home"

Kristin Gustafson joins the Media Day Team for Out in Front 2013-14

Dan Berger delivers plenary at Educating for the Struggle Think Tank

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas reviewed in Frieze Magazine

Deborah Caplow works with students on Day of the Dead installation

David Goldstein presents on clicking to learn

Shauna Carlisle publishes in the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Karen Rosenberg presents of "DIY Knowledge Production"

Bruce Burgett presents on bridges and barriers between humanities councils and higher ed

Christian Anderson co-edits special issue of Social & Cultural Geography

Johanna Crane hosts speaker Seth Holmes

Kristy Leissle blogs from Antarctica

Dan Berger delivers "Jails that could not hold -- or could they?"

Janelle Silva named Junior Faculty Fellow for the American Association of Hispanics in Higher Education

IAS video art students visit the Henry Art Gallery

Dominique Garcia wins Latino Scholars Graduate School Fellowship

S. Charusheela gives invited public lecture at Whitman College

Eric Stewart publishes Living with Brain Injury

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas host Max Jorge Hinderer Cruz

Amoshaun Toft speaks on UW Bothell's UWave Radio

Jill Friedberg presents and shows film at the NW Teaching for Social Justice Conference

Michael Goldberg appears in the Everett Herald

Jed Murr presents on Nick Cave and opens show at SOIL Gallery

Karam Dana hosts Middle East Lecture Series

Kari Lerum presents at Gender and Sexuality Conference

IAS faculty members named as Community-Based Learning and Research Fellows

Alka Kurian hosts the Seattle South Asian Film Festival at UW Bothell

Amaranth Borsuk wins Subito Prize for poetry

Dan Berger hosts author, activist, and educator Chris Crass

Rebecca Brown reads, curates, and publishes locally and nationally

Miriam Bartha and Bruce Burgett publish “Art Gave Permission to Agitate

Amaranth Borsuk talks about electronic literature, yesterday and tomorrow

Dan Berger speaks on religion, abolition, and mass incarceration

Kristy Leissle publishes twice on the production and marketing of chocolate

Sarah Dowling publishes “They Were Girls” in American Quarterly

Bruce Burgett profiled on Glenn Beck

Aeron Bergman discusses art and political economy in Austria

Amaranth Borsuk and Sarah Dowling publish in 1913: A Journal of Forms

Miriam Bartha publishes “Assessing the Practices of Public Scholarship

Johanna Crane delivers keynote address on global health

Ben Gardner appointed chair of African Studies at the UW

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas exhibit and discuss their work nationally and internationally

Warren Gold and Martha Groom receive Advancing Informal STEM Learning grant

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas publish The Smell of Deposition

Kari Lerum comments on “camming” in the New York Times

Kanstantsin Ivanou interns in the US Embassy in Tallinn, Estonia

Jill Freidberg publishes film and research in Recuperando Palabra

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas exhibit their work at Steirischer Herbst in Graz, Austria

Christian Anderson publishes “Gleaning the Current Conjuncture” in Antipode

Lauren Berliner receives funding from the Collective Voices Foundation

Caren Crandell publishes “Weaving Cultural and Ecological Diversity

Kris Kellejian discusses the “Narcissus Quandry

Janelle Silva publishes “Critical Classrooms” in Urban Education

Kristy Leissle and David Nixon publish The Monolith: Science Fiction Short Stories

Karam Dana speaks on KIRO radio about the Syrian rebels

Becca Price publishes article about how undergraduates learn evo-devo

Johanna Crane publishes Scrambling for Africa: AIDS, Expertise, and the Rise of American Global Health Science

Kristy Leissle publishes on "The Human Cost of Stuff" in Yes! magazine

Ted Hiebert launches three art exhibits

Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas exhibit their work at the Bergen Assembly

Kari Lerum co-authors working paper on sex work and trafficking

IAS and UW Bothell host alternatives to lifelong incarceration mini-conference

KJ Hiramoto publishes in the North American Post

Amaranth Borsuk launches commentary column on artists' books in the digital age in Jacket2

David Nixon stars in The Half Brothers Brand Old Time Variety Show

Warren Gold and Rob Turner appear on UWTV

Rebecca Brown curates Devotion at the Hedreen Gallery

Dan Berger publishes on the rise and fall of mass incarceration

Kristy Leissle, aka Dr. Chocolate, spreads the good word about sweets

Martha Groom named as Professor of the Month

Gwen Ottinger and Jason Pace partner with the Environmental Protection Agency

Kari Lerum publishes on “Sexuality” in the Sociology of Work

Kristy Leissle accepts five-month research position in Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Carrie Bodle opens show at METHOD Gallery in Seattle

Bruce Burgett, Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, and Ron Krabill publish “The Affirmative Character of Cultural Studies

Johanna Crane attends Inside-Out Institute and reviews Improvising Medicine

David Nixon is profiled on Seattle Channel’s Art Zone

Rob Allen publishes article in Virtual War and Magical Death: Technologies and Imaginaries for Terror and Killing

Martha Groom consults on biofuels and biodiversity

Camille Walsh talks taxes, youth courts, and restorative justice

Ted Hiebert publishes article in Performance Research

Amoshuan Toft launches UWave radio with UW Bothell students

Becca Price receives award to study how students learn about evolution and the nature of science

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren speaks on the “ethics of listening” and directs UW Bothell students

IAS students open exhibit of work at Pioneer Square Art Walk

Jennifer Atkinson presents on American garden writing at the University of Delaware

Rena Kawasaki wins Library Research Award

Stuart Streichler speaks on the war on terror and human rights at the Law and Society Association

Ted Hiebert performs and exhibits work in Singapore and Montreal

Andreas Brockhaus presents research at the Lilly Conference on College & University Teaching

Gwen Ottinger publishes "The Winds of Change" in Science as Culture

Deborah Caplow presents on text and image -- and curates student work

Julie Shayne secures contract with SUNY Press

Rebecca Brown talks about writing and writes “In Defense of Monsters

Amoshaun Toft wins 2012-13 ASUWB Faculty Award

Amaranth Borsuk speaks about, reads, and publishes on poetry and books

Susan Harewood wins Emerging Scholar Award

Bruce Burgett crowd-sources Presidential Plenary of the Cultural Studies Association

Karam Dana speaks on Russia Today on John Kerry's trip to Palestine/Israel

Miriam Bartha, Bruce Burgett, and Ron Krabill publish "Critical Purchase in Neoliberal Times"

IAS adds fourteen new full-time faculty members for 2013-14

Amoshaun Toft and Paul Kim speak on "Corporate FM" in the Meaningful Movies series

Dan Berger and Kari Lerum host “Beyond the Carceral State” mini-conference

IAS Environmental Sciences major wins statewide Geographic Information Systems student competition

Robin Oppenheimer publishes research article on creative collaboration

Santiago Lopez receives award for study abroad program in Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

IAS students present at the UW Bothell undergraduate research symposium

Nives Dolšak wins the Outstanding Teaching Faculty award in the College of the Environment

IAS undergraduate students present research at the UW Undergraduate Research Symposium

Johanna Crane presents her research at “Imagining the Worst

David Nixon discusses live, death, and fatherhood, with musical accompaniment, at Town Hall

Kari Lerum published article in Presumed Incompetent: The Intersections of Race and Class for Women in Academia

Karam Dana discusses Boston Marathon explosions

Ben Gardner comments on Massai struggle for land in Tanzania in BBC News

Rebecca Price, Eric Stewart, and Crispin Thurlow receive promotions!!!

Carrie Lanza presents her research on social justice and participatory arts organizing

Jin-Kyu Jung presents on critical GIScience in Santa Barbara

IAS student, Kaley Eakin, publishes in the Woodinville Weekly

Ted Hiebert continues to haunt the art world, locally and internationally

Carrie Bodle leads the April faculty focus tour at the Henry Art Gallery

David Goldstein publishes article on “clickers” in the National Teaching and Learning Forum

Linda Watts, Alan Wood, Jin-Kyu Jung, and Ted Hiebert win Worthington Innovation Fellows awards for 2013-14

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren published articles on global higher education and public philosophy

IAS announces its inaugural distinguished speaker, Daniel Martinez HoSang

Dan Berger joins network of faculty associates at UW Labor Studies Center

Amaranth Borsuk reads and lectures, locally, nationally, and internationally

Rebecca Brown opens 2013 APRIL Festival with “Benediction”

Two IAS students attend 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women

MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics students kick-off reading series

Karam Dana and Gwen Ottinger win awards to pursue their scholarship

Karam Dana delivers lecture at Harvard University

Gwen Ottinger publishes “Changing Knowledge, Local Knowledge, and Knowledge Gaps

Sarah Dowling reads her poetry in Portland, Oregon

IAS graduate student Tyrell Edwards receives Fulbright Award for research

David Goldstein presents to SRO audience at the AAC&U Conference

IAS student Crystal Gonzalez-Guzman receives leadership award

Wanda Gregory attends symposium located at the intersection of virtual worlds and brain disorders

Alka Kurian presents at annual Society of Cinema and Media Studies conference

Crispin Thurlow speaks at the Seminar on Discourse and Interaction in Sweden

Joe Milutis launches new book at Bökship in London

David Nixon named as Scholar-in-Residence at Town Hall Seattle

Gwen Ottinger publishes Refining Expertise with New York University Press

Julie Shayne speaks on edited collections at the Sociologists for Women in Society conference

Kari Lerum speaks on anti-trafficking campaigns at the Evergreen State College

Rebecca Brown dialogues with Garry Wills and First Baptist Church in Seattle

Amoshaun Toft, Paul Kim, and Ellen McCleerey speak on the power of radio

Rebecca Price publishes “Natural Selection Is a Sorting Process” in American Biology Teacher

Kari Lerum speaks at conference on trafficking and the rights of migrants

Santiago Lopez published article in the Geographical Review

Crispin Thurlow speaks about gender neutral language on KING 5

IAS Alum Jonathan Cluts speaks at the UW Bothell Innovation Forum

Camille Walsh and IAS students help launch City of Bothell Youth Court

IAS student Paulette Costanza wins Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Dan Berger speaks on two plenaries in the United States and Germany

Neil Low published his fifth book, Deadly Attraction

Jill Freidberg produces radio news story for Free Speech Radio News

David Nixon named an artist who will define 2013 by City Arts Magazine

Amaranth Borsuk and Joe Milutis represent the new MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at Elliott Bay Book Company

Joe Milutis publishes a new book, Failure: A Writer’s Life

Article by Rebecca Price published and highlighted in Life Sciences Education

Julie Shayne helps to archive Aquelarre: Latin American Women's Magazine

Rebecca Brown reads, interviews, and publishes a new essay and short story

IAS student Marcus Johnson wins Mary Gates Research Scholarship

Bill Seaburg retires after two decades in IAS

Six IAS faculty members win UW Simpson Center for the Humanities grants

Steve Collins passes the Professional Engineering exam in Washington State

Ted Hiebert participates in three Seattle art exhibitions in January and February

Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren speaks and performs in Tennessee and Hong Kong

Becca Price wins Inquiry-Based Instruction Prize from Science

Amaranth Borsuk maps the future of the book in Mexico City and Chicago

Dan Berger publishes interview with David Gilbert on Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street, and mass incarceration

Gwen Ottinger joins the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes

IAS students paint murals in Arts, Politics, and Social Change

Gwen Ottinger speaks about science, innovation, and science fiction on the "Perpetual Notion Machine"

Susan Harewood presents two papers as the 2012 National Communication Association convention

IAS faculty members participate in 2012-2013 Research Interest Groups

Bruce Burgett speaks on public scholarship, community engagement, and diversity

Dan Berger speaks about Puerto Rico, social movements, and prisons

Ron Krabill presents on human rights, global citizenship, and public scholarship

Ted Hiebert curates group art exhibit at the Open Space Artist Run Centre in Victoria, British Columbia

Rebecca Brown's publishes "Diminished" in PageBoy Magazine -- and more

Wanda Gregory joins Board of Trustees for Reel Grrls

Karam Dana speaks at the Middle East Studies Association

Johanna Crane and Gwen Ottinger present research at the American Anthropological Association conference

Kari Lerum builds partnership with the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women

Crispin Thurlow speaks at the University of Hong Kong on "Why I Hate Facebook"

Alka Kurian presents two papers at the National Women's Studies Association conference

IAS faculty members named as 2012-13 Community-Based Learning and Research Fellows

Martha Groom mentors women in STEM fields

Karam Dana publishes in the Syrian Studies Association Bulletin

Julie Shayne and Camille Walsh present papers at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference

IAS student, Edward LaPoint, publishes Veterans Day op-ed in the Seattle Times

Joe Milutis publishes essays in Cabinet and Triple Canopy

Dan Berger hosts prison activist and independent scholar Victoria Law

Bladfold, David Nixon's animated film, debutes at ACT Theater in Seattle

Deborah Caplow discusses The Black Book of Nazi Terror in Europe at the IAS Research Colloquium

Kristy Leissle publishes "Cosmopolitan cocoa farmers" in the Journal of African Cultural Studies

Kari Lerum publishes "Circus" in special Day of the Dead issue of TRIVIA: voices of feminism

Colin Danby publishes "Postwar Norm" in Rethinking Marxism

Rebecca Brown's creative work translated into Dutch and Japanese

S. Charusheela hosts Rethinking Marxism conference on “Stranger Economics

Dan Jacoby moderates panel discussion at Town Hall Seattle on The Making of Global Capitalism

Rebecca Brown delivers gonzo zombie lecture on Halloween

Amaranth Borsuk speaks at the “Refiguring the Book” symposium – and more…

Susan Harewood participates in "Listening for a Wider Narrative" keynote panel at St. Martin's University

Sarah Dowling publishes new chapbook, Birds & Bees, through Troll Thread

Rob Turner facilitates workshop on Designing Introductory Courses in Sustainability

David Goldstein publishes book chapter on blended learning

Martha Groom mentors conservation students -- and talks coffee

Ted Hiebert publishes "The Speed of Broken Light" in Performance Research

Dan Berger contributes to new book on racism and militarism in the twenty-first century

Karam Dana's research cited in article on Muslim voters and the 2012 U.S. election

Carrie Bodle performs at Surrey Art Gallery symposium on Sound Thinking

Six IAS students named as Civic Fellows for 2012-2013

Jeanne Heuving publishes Interview with Nathaniel Mackey

Amaranth Borsuk's Between Page and Screen garners positive reviews

IAS students participate in 2012 DC Human Rights Seminar

Gray Kochhar-Lindgren delivers keynote address on global academic leadership

National "Convergence on Poetics" conference launches new MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics

Bruce Burgett and Susan Jeffords contribute to new report on “Making a Case for the Humanities

Rebecca Brown chosen for Moment Magnitude exhibit at the Frye Art Museum

Dan Jacoby participates in think tank on apprenticeship and labor

Ted Hiebert's work appears in three new art exhibitions in Seattle and Australia

Karam Dana speaks on the death of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens on KIRO 97.3

Rebecca Brown interviews novelist Paul Auster at Seattle Town Hall

Nives Dolšak kicks off the 2012-2013 IAS Research Colloquium with a talk on "The Role of Civil Society in Environmental Policy"

Ted Hiebert publishes a new book: In Praise of Nonsense: Aesthetics, Uncertainty, and Postmodern Identity

Georgia Roberts publishes a new book: Collaborative Futures: Critical Reflections on Publically Active Graduate Education

Alka Kurian publishes a new book: Narratives of Gendered Dissent in South Asian Cinemas



Study Human Rights in Washington, D.C.

BIS 403, Washington D.C. Human Rights Seminar, 2014. Application deadline extended to April 18.


IAS Distinguished Speaker Lecture: Curtis Marez, Ethnic Studies at University of California, San Diego, will be speaking on debt in higher education. Join us on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 6:00 pm in the UW2 Commons.


Join us for a monthly showcase of research-in-progress by Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences faculty members at the IAS Research Colloquium.

The application process for 2014-15 Project for Interdisciplinary Pedagogy Fellowships is now open. Click here for more information.