School of Educational Studies

We engage students from all backgrounds in the study of Education through undergraduate minors, post-baccalaureate K-8 teacher certification, graduate teacher certification for teaching in middle and high school, and graduate degree programs for professional educators.

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Faculty Friday:
James & Cherry Banks

The whole idea is "to make America more American".  Multicultural education is centered in the principle that diverse perspectives should be represented in the classroom - in textbooks and assigned readings, in students and teachers, and in culturally sensitive pedagogy.  Read more about Drs. James and Cherry Banks' work that has been at the forefront of multicultural education in America.  


Research in Practice

Join us Tuesday, February 16th from 4-5 pm at LB1-205.  Dr. Karen Gourd will be discussing her research teaching English as an Additional Language (EAL). Addressing survey data collected at UWB in the spring of 2015, and will provide an inclusive framework applicable to any level of education that teachers can use to support students with EAL in discipline-specific classes.