Remote Access

Remote Access

This resource contains informational links that are useful when accessing UW Bothell resources, from an off-campus location. An off-campus location is any location outside Bothell, Seattle and Tacoma UW campuses.

Service Description:

Provides Remote Access to campus resources such as Remote Desktop and Hosted File Storage. These services allow users to access local workstations or files from off-campus. UW Bothell IT recommends the use of hosted file storage before using Microsoft Remote Desktop for accessing files alone. For a list of these service offerings, see our list below.

Service Options:


UWB Faculty, Staff and Student Employees.


Remote access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


No charge except for some specialized UW hosted services.

Support Information:

Call the Helpdesk at 425.352.3456
Visit the Helpdesk in LB2-218