• Helium mylar balloons are not permitted.
  • Other types of helium balloons must be secured by weights.
  • All costs associated with removing stray balloons and/or repairs for damage caused by balloons tangled in fans will be charged to the event planner and/or their organization.
  • Please refrain from popping balloons in the ARC. Exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire pull alarms, and emergency lights cannot be decorated, covered, or obstructed in any way.


  • Approval for incense and flame candles must be obtained from ARC administration before the event. ARC administration reserves the right to deny or retract approval. If incense and flame candles are approved the following guidelines apply:
    • Sternos are permitted when used with chafing dishes to heat food.
    • All candles must be low flame and placed in a sturdy, tip-resistant, non-combustible container with the flame tip 1″ below the rim of the candle holder.
    • All readily combustible materials, such as drapes, curtains, or blinds must be secured at least three feet away from the flame.
    • Lighting devices such as tiki lamps, oil lamps, torches, etc. are prohibited inside the ARC.
  • Electronic candles are strongly recommended at the ARC.

Fire Code Guidelines

  • All doorways must be free of barricades; no objects may be blocking doors or hallways.
  • Exit signs, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarm pulls, and emergency lights cannot be decorated, covered, or obstructed.

Glitter, Confetti & Sprinkle Decorations

  • Using glitter, confetti, or mylar cutout/sprinkle-type decorations is prohibited in the ARC.

Posting & Signage

  • Posting is only permitted on the glass with blue painter’s tape.
  • Directional signage must be pre-approved by ARC staff and can only be posted on the day of the event.
  • Signage may not block any entrances, exits, or disability door buttons. All fire code guidelines must be adhered to (see Fire Code Guidelines above).
  • Push pins, paint, glue, staples, and all other tapes are not allowed.
  • Decorations must be removed by the end of a group’s reservation, including those decorations placed outside or near the ARC.