Student Facilities Advisory Committee (SFAC)

The Student Facilities Advisory Committee (SFAC) is the advisory group for the ARC, advising on policy, finances, and facility use and operations for the building. Students, staff, and faculty interested in speaking to SFAC during the Open Forum portion of their meeting can contact Meeting agendas are typically set one week in advance and Open Forum availability may vary based on the amount of time available for Open Forum and the number of requests received for a particular meeting. Meeting notes and agenda are available upon request.

SFAC Committee Representatives:

  • ARC Student Rep
  • ARC Programming Student Rep
  • ASUWB Student Rep
  • UW Bothell Student Engagement & Activities Student Rep
  • EAB Treasurer
  • EAB Advocacy Chair
  • EAB Programming Chair
  • UW Bothell SAF Student Rep
  • UW Bothell STF Student Rep
  • Director of the ARC (ex-officio/non-voting)
  • Director of Student Engagement & Activities (ex-officio/non-voting)
  • Director of Cascadia Student Life (ex-officio/non-voting)
  • Dean of UW Bothell Student Affairs (co-chair, ex-officio/non-voting)
  • Vice President of Cascadia Student Success Services (co-chair, ex-officio/non-voting)