The Campus Activities & Recreation Center

The Activities & Recreation Center (ARC), open to UW Bothell and Cascadia College students, features three floors of student amenities  as well as all-gender restrooms. The ARC Overlook, located on the second floor, offers students the chance to meet with fellow students, socialize, collaborate, relax, and take in expansive views of the North Creek Wetland and Sports & Recreation complex. Soft seating and tables and chairs are provided for students to utilize throughout the day and evening.

This multifuncational space is also used for student events and activities. For a complete list of what's happening in the ARC, please visit our myARC portal.

All gender restrooms

The ARC features four all-gender restrooms: two on the Lower Level, one on the First Floor, and one on the Second Floor.

As the name suggests, all-gender restrooms are for all (nonbinary and cis) genders! Learn more about all-gender restrooms.

Meeting rooms

The ARC has three meeting rooms: two 12-person meeting rooms and one 24-person Board Room. Each is equiped with large monitors or projectors for presentations. 

Meeting rooms are intended for student organizations and clubs to use for their reoccuring meetings.

Fitness Center

Located on the Lower Level of the ARC, the fitness center features a wide-range of equipment and fitness classes available to enrolled Cascadia and UW Bothell students. Nearby are locker rooms, snacks, and more. Learn more about the ARC Fitness Center.

Policies & procedures

The ARC has a list of policies and procedures available for review. Questions regarding the ARC’s policies and procedures may be directed to the ARC team at arcinfo@uw.edu.


The Activities & Recreation Center began in 2008 with student leaders from Cascadia College and UW Bothell coming together to discuss what new campus amenities would be needed to continue to build a vibrant campus community.

In 2010, the Associated Students of the University of Washington Bothell (ASUWB) and Cascadia Student Government (CSG) approved funding for the programming and pre-design of a student activities center building. On July 11, 2013, the UW Board of Regents approved the new $19.7-million 36,000 square foot student-funded building to be positioned next to the North Creek Events Center.  LMN Architecture was hired to design the student activities center.

In September 2014, ASUWB and CSG asked for student feedback regarding the naming of the new building and, based on student response, the building was named the Activities & Recreation Center (ARC).

Construction began in Spring 2014 and was completed in Fall 2015.